29 January 2012

Sunday's Brunch; A hidden treasure on my shelves

These days I look forward to my Sundays. It means time to read, to watch a movie, to play some World of Warcraft and more time to read. I also have this innate need to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on in my corner of this Realm. This is why I came up with my Sunday’s brunch blogpost. In a laid back way I want to have a moment to catch up with you guys and today I’m kicking off.

One thing that got my panties in a – good – twist was the fact that last week the Midnight Breed series sang its siren song to me and I couldn’t refuse. I left Regin and Lothaire standing in the cold wind of my disregard – for now that is. Yes, I was in shock myself! The IAD series is one that I love to the ninth degree but for some unfathomable reason I had to open up Lara Adrian’s Kiss Of Midnight. I read the first chapter and was hooked, line and sinker. There was no way this story was letting me go but then again; did I want it to? Hell no! :)) My review will be up in the next week or so. I can safely say that I’m glad I still have nine books to go in the Midnight Breed series. If the opening story is any indicator, it will be one fantastic ride. And can I say; Tegan *heart*

I also read the third story of Lyssa and Jacob in Joey W Hill’s Vampire Queen series titled; Bound By The Vampire Queen. Oh men, it floored me again! My guest review will appear on Patti’s; Caught In A Fab Romance blog and is already up on Goodreads. I love this series something fierce and can’t wait to read Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan’s story! From what I got in Bound By The Vampire Queen I’m going to gobble it all up!

This weekend I’m reading Kele Moon’s novella; Packing Heat and boy oh boy, the title does the story justice! I’m also going to start in a book I highly anticipated. Lucian from Laura Wright’s Eternal Captive has been on my radar since Eternal Hunger! He and Bronwyn are a magnetic force that sizzles like no tomorrow *want*

Last week there was also a 50-60% off sale at fictionwise and I was so ready for some retail therapy but again I shocked myself and didn’t buy one single book. I was almost getting frustrated until I found a must pre-order note on my iPad. It contained four titles which I immediately pre-ordered at BookDepo:

Something About Witches
By Joey W. Hill

Lover Reborn
By J R Ward

By Joan Swan

Wicked as They Come
By Delilah S Dawson

So I have a few books coming in the mail *YAY* and a few more Sunday’s spend reading LOL.
I also tend to read tweets as I have dinner and catch up on what’s going on in blogworld. Sometimes you have the most pleasurable tweets to find and I backtracked a convo which originated from Jaci Burton. Can you guess? She got her fourth cover of her Play By Play series and dang, my not so sekrit cover hussy identity was purring in joy.

As I got the cover enlarged and took a close look instead of ravenously taking the picture in I noticed, and perhaps this is my durty side talking, but where’s the bulge in his pants?! I mean, with such tight pants there must be some form of…bump going on? Right?! Still, the sight of these four covers side by side is one of the most scintillating visuals I ever did see. And what a celebrating of the male form – hot, hot, hot!!

Coming up this week for me is a visit from Pearl, making banana bread with the group of 4-6 year olds at the kiddie daycare and spending some quality time with a 4 month old Buddha baby who charms me with rare smiles. He had me with the first one :) I will take Lucian to bed with me until I’ve finished his story, which I think he won’t mind *wink*


  1. Hmm, now you say it, there is something missing down there in his pants...

  2. Well, how about imagining there was something too much down there and they photoshopped it away, so not to offend puritanical America?

    Great update Leontine, enjoy your movie and your book. But do get to Lothaire soon, he is so worth it!

  3. Omg..I never saw that! He has nothing in his pants!

  4. LOL I agree... nothing in the pants! I hope you have a good week Leontine!

  5. Yea! I am so glad you are reading Midnight Breeds. It's a great series - ups and downs and a couple books not as great as the others. HOWEVER... the 10th book that just came out (the climax of the story arc you haven't read yet!) was AMAZING! I can't stop talking about how great it is!

    I hope you enjoy your week!


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