09 February 2012

My guest review of; Joey W Hill's - Bound By The Vampire Queen

I'm over at Caught in a Fab Romance with my guest review of Joey W Hill's Bound By The Vampire Queen.

My two Fab Quotes for this story are:


“My lady,” he said again, and this time instead of an honorific, he was saying it as it was meant. My lady. His love, his heart. His temptress, his tormentor.


Meeting her gaze, a rueful smile on his lips, he hooked the hose, skinned them down his legs, took them off with his boots and put it all aside, bracing his feet to stand before her completely bare of everything except the cross brand, the lashes on his back, and that third servant mark. He knew it always did something to her, seeing him stripped of everything but those three things. Her servant. Her slave. Her lover, bound to her for eternity.

Jacob is one of those intense men I can't help but utterly fall for. Even in his third romance story with his queen, Lyssa, he has the ability to woe me ;)

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