05 February 2012

Sunday Brunch: Surviving cold, snow & the energizer bunny

This week a cold front has decided to move over the Netherlands and bring -10 to -15 degrees Celsius at night. If you need to cycle to work at 6.45 AM I can tell you that is effing cold!!! At kiddie daycare the talk of each day was; when can we skate on the ponds and when does the snow finally get here. Well, Friday snow came and in 5 minutes flat I was outside with the kids. Of course the boys wanted a snowball fight while the girls wanted to make a snowman. As the fun in the snow commenced there were also the inevitable tears of a lost snowball impacting a face, icy fingers and rosy cheeks. We got warm again over some hot cocoa inside and at closing I had to cycle back home. Did they clear the bicycle paths? Hell no! I slithered my way home where on a few occasions I almost found out my street value. I felt like I was a survival of the fittest champion the moment I got home unharmed. But the next morning it was Saturday, I woke up to a spectacular winter morning and I soaked in the peaceful moment. Cause I knew, with the three ponds behind my apartment, that in an hour or so dads and grandpa’s would be outside with the young un’s teaching them how to skate.

I, on the other hand volunteered to have my parents shitsoe puppy for the day. I was counting the weeks until Noa aka The Energizer Bunny was going to spend a day and night with us. What was I thinking??!! My dogs have reached senior status a few years back and all they do is sleep. I need to go back in my memory, like 13 years, to remember them being pups. Noa is this larger than life doggie personality who thinks the whole world is her playground and everyone in it is there to serve her. So she immediately demanded Queen Furry and Lady Bug to play with her. Well, Queen Furry put that idea out of her head pretty quickly. But did Noa listen, aaahhh the exuberance of the young un’s. My ears are still ringing of the barking conversations between Energizer Bunny, Lady Bug and Queen Furry. Noa also came with an overnight bag containing a plethora of toys…all squeakers *headdesk* There was a doggy coat too so Noa remained warm outside and she has a leash with sparklies…I kid you not!! I call it how I see it; spoiled doggy!!!

Here are a few pics I took along the day:

                                                                   Noa in the snow.

                                            Noa giving me the; 'Why should I obey, I ain't 
                                            no dog!' look. She wasn't listening. *chants* 
                                            Be calm and assertive - yeah right.

                                          Noa keeping my company in the kitchen as she falls 
                                          asleep. Apparantly my cooking is nothing as exciting 
                                          as an epi of  Master Chef Australia.

                                          Noa waking up possessed by the food monster 
                                          growling; Me hungry. Me food. 

                                              A while later the possessed Noa found a 
                                              way to pry open the door to the bag of
                                              doggy food.

                                          After an eventful day she finally keels over and
                                          falls asleep next to my chair as I do some last 
                                          minute things on the computer. 
                                          Peace and quiet once more in my household ;)

In a few hours Noa will be picked up and I have the rest of the day to read! Lucian from Eternal Captive is mine today!! I’ve already read the first hundred pages and it is already so good. The overall major and minor plotlines intrigue the daylights outta me but Lucian and Bronwyn…their attraction is a live wire of love and hate. *hearts*

Picture me on the couch with a blanket over my legs and sipping on some hot coca while reading Eternal Captive. I’m not going to stop until I read; The End!

Happy Sunday everyone ;)


  1. Noa is sooooooo cute, give him a big hug from me! And yes it is so cold outside and yes I have been on the ice trying to teach my kids how to skate, brrrrrr really cold and this afternoon we will be on the ice again! Enjoy your afternoon with Lucian! XXX

  2. Lovely pics Leontine! Enjoy your sunday!

  3. What a cutie! It's been too nice of a winter where I live. The warm sunny days sound nice but not if I have to start timing my showers because we have a water shortage.

    Paranormal Haven

  4. Awwww... I love the pic!!! This whole little tale made me smile!

    My mom has a younger shitzsu and a senior one... And old one is always like... Go away kid... You bother me!!!

    As for the snow.... Brrrrrrrr... I'm a wimp! You're more of a champion than me!

  5. I just did the temp conversion - brrr! You wouldn't catch me biking at that temperature! I hate even going out to the icy cold car at those temps.

  6. @Marissa - you are a very brave woman but I bet T and little mss Diva had a fab time!! You deserve some you time!!

    @Aurian - I revel in my sunday's and so far its been ultimate indulgence ;)

    @womans ski pants - Thanks :)

    @Paranormal Haven - up till now we had a very mild winter with temperatures of around +8 - +10 Celcius. So this cold front is quite a change!!

    @Kele Moon - I love the cold and this kind of winter but with a little less subzero temperatures! :)

    Noa kept me on my toes. In her wild play she took off with a bundle of wires, including my internet connection. I squealed like a crazy woman and all she did was look at me with those big brown innocent eyes saying; What??!! I can laugh now but at that moment...it wasn't a pretty sight ;)

    @Chris - If I bike to work I save a lot of bus money. Plus, it keeps me healthy and more in shape which saves me trips to the gym ;)

  7. Noa is such a cutie! I am not a fan of the snow (you know that by now) and after my Saturday morning drive from hell to the airport I locked myself in the house and haven't been outside since Saturday afternoon. I fear going outside again tomorrow :( I do NOT like the cold and winter... except on pictures or from inside a nice and toasty warm house ;)


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