12 February 2012

Sunday's Brunch: Movies & partying hard

As you’ll read this week’s Sunday’s Brunch blogpost I’ll be over at Marissa partying hard with diva as she turned a handful of years. Every year I hope I’m bringing along presents she’ll like. Now that I’m working in kiddie daycare again I’m more in tune with what kids love but there have been years I was hopelessly out of the loop. Did you all know Pokemon is still hot as evah? I went to the first movie with kids from my former job in another kiddie daycare.

Anyhoo…as I had my dinner one night last week I saw the trailer of War Horse. Can I say; Oh yeah!! Me wants to see?? Steven Spielberg appeals to my need for drama with many a movie from his hand and I’m a sucker for animals playing a big or leading role in a movie. Let me tell you about some of the movies I *heart* so much. One of the first was Black Stallion – what kid after that didn’t want a black Arabian to be best buddies with an ride forever? Beethoven – I laughed so much with the first movie. The tumdumdumdum always makes me think of that movie and smile…plus, dog owners might recognize some or a lot of their own dog behavior in it ;) The Lion King – okay, it’s an animated movie but hot damn…I laugh, I cry, I was wow-ed by the animation *enough said* More recent movies were Hachiko – dear lawd, I thought it was gonna be Disney cute story and instead I was sobbing my heart out throughout two-thirds of the movies. The loyalty of Hachiko *reaches for a tissue* The one I laughed with was Marley & Me. So much doggie naughtiness I recognized. I once had a litter of 9 shitsoe pups and when the late hubby and I came back from grocery shopping it was white on my floor. They got the door open to my toilet and decided it was fun to shred all eight rolls of toilet paper. While cleaning I was not amused but later on it became quite a hallmark story to tell when I think back on my breeding years! So now it’s the movie War Horse that captured my attention and I’ll get back to you when I’ve watched it.

With all this talk of job, parties and movies you might wonder if I’m still reading. Oh yes, I still am! Just not reading fast enough *oye* This weak however I’ve read a five star read. It was Laura Wright’s – Eternal Captive and Luca, oh that vampire worked his magic on me from the first moment we met. My review will be up next week. As will be my review of Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight. My interest leans towards PNR these days but I decided to read in a different genre right now before heading in to a PNR story again. After all the raving from Janna about the Cut And Run series by Abiligail Roux and Madeleine Urban I decided that the first in this series is the one to read.

As I look at my shelves there are more books screaming for attention (next to the ones I accepted for review). What did you guys think of Kresley Cole’s LOTHAIRE – Shannon McKenna’s ULTIMATE WEAPON & FADE TO MIDNIGHT. I even have Jennifer Donnelly’s – A WILD ROSE flirting with me, that’s a 600 pages or so book 0.o My first vacay is in June – I must have a reading vacay before that, I must!!

Okay…as I’m writing this post now (Saturday, 2-11-2012 at 19:48 PM) I need to cut it a bit short cause I have a facial scheduled. After all that winter cold of last week my skin can absorb some much needed minerals!

Happy Valentine everyone - I think I'll date a fictional boyfriend *grin*


  1. Pokemon is still going strong? I did not know that.

    Enjoy your facial :)

  2. Fictional boyfriends are the best. :)

  3. I really want to see Warhorse as well. The little Diva enjoyed the birthday pressies very much, she had a great day!

  4. The poster looks great but I usually try to avoid war movies or books. I've went to watch Sherlock Holmes. It's quite enjoyable, though not mysterious enough. Enjoy your parties!

    The Spinster’s Vow


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