18 March 2012

Sunday's Brunch: Serenading & hot hero on the horizon!

Last weekend my sis, Pearl and I went over to Marissa and celebrated her birthday. Of course we came over with some hot stuff heroes for her to read about and to catch up. Our lives are kinda busy all around so we need these moments to talk up a storm! I talked about my upcoming Shelter vs Bear Otter and the Kid blogposts and plagiarism. (Dear Author has an interesting blogpost up about Plagiarism & Copyright)
I was strongly advised not to use the plagiarism word but use a slightly different angle. I don’t want to point a finger of hell and damnation to T.J. Klune, I just want to relay my opinion of the book vs the movie and what my findings are. So in the coming weeks there will be a review post of Bear, Otter and the Kid, Shelter and a concluding blogpost. Next to that discussion I went beserk with a conversation on 50 Shades of Grey – I was moments away of frothing at the mouth ;) I know various major blogs have posted about it, as well as newspapers, but I found a discussion at Dear Author one of the most interesting. It also gave me insight into the fanfic community and how it worked.

Later that night we went out to dinner when we ordered a sinfully good dessert. Marissa joked about singing her a b-day song and oh did that not fall on to deaf ears. You don’t want to say that when I’m present because as the dessert was brought with lots of sparklies my sister, Pearl and I gave our vocals a stretch with Happy Birthday. Of course, to Marissa’s embarrassment, the whole crowd tuned in and that is how Marissa got serenaded on her b-day *cheeky grin*

The next day my sister and I were lazy cats…okay, I was more of a lazy cat and we watched a movie together; The Help. I uber love that movie but what had tears rolling down my face in laughter was the fact when Minny told her lady boss to; “Eat.My.Shit.” That’s when I heard my sister comment to the movie; “Otherwise known as crap(b)cake.” Dear lawd, I almost pied in my pants. She and my brother have fantastic humor. I on the other hand have received the short straw on the quick-witted humor *sigh*

So my work-week started that Monday and I quickly went into mono limboland of fatigue. I slept a whopping 17 hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday, which just isn’t right IMO!! Then on Thursday I got back to work to get the mother of all tension headaches – hello!!! I do have a life you know…which needs my time and energy!! *sigh* Can’t wait for this mono crap to be over. So I did a bit of reading this week too *YAY*

I read Jennifer Estep’s By A Thread – which was Gin Blanco goodness. Really enjoyed it!! Review coming this week.

When I ordered the pressies for Marissa I also ordered me some reads and on Monday Kristen Callihan’s FIRELIGHT got into my mailbox. Oh how that book took me by surprise. Uber loved it. Archer is definitely prime hot hero material!!! Review coming this week!!

Then, as my headache pounded away on friday, I did some re-reading of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Quote John Matthew from Lover Awakened:

The temptation to start with the tears again rose, and John sat up quickly, forcing the urge to level off. He was through with the crying. He would not weep again for any of them. Tears were utterly useless, a weakness not worthy of their memories. Strength would be his offering to them. Power his eulogy. Vengeance the prayer at their graves.

Wow – chills as I read that!!

Now I’m re-reading Lisa Valdez’s Passion – oh my, I forgot how hot those scenes behind that screen were *fans self*

So that’s what I’m off to in a bit, finish reading Passion. After that I need to do homework for the training I’m following at work *ugh*

Next week there will be no Sunday’s brunch since I’ll be at my sisters :))

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

For all you World of Warcraft lovers:



  1. *waves*
    Sounds like a good week, well except for the sleeping too much.

    And yummy desert is the best

  2. I look forward to your posts about Shelter and Klune!
    Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

    Ps Could you change your comment form to the embedded one, so I can get the email notifications again?

  3. Sounds like a very fun birthday party, and also yay for the new books! Hope you get better soon, always being so tired must be even more tiring.

  4. Hon I hope you feel better soon, and the get-together was fun, I will never forget my birthday serenade!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good time for Marissa's birthday. I love getting together with the girls and talking up a storm. lol

    Hope you're feeling better soon!


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