09 April 2012

Easter Brunch: Wicked me ;)

This is the Easter version of the Sunday’s Brunch post and it has been a few weeks since I wrote one. I must admit I’m very much struggling with my mono. These days doing the dishes simply tires me to a point of sleeping for two hours. Or when I’m doing something social I know I’m conked out the entire next day. Since my brain is in its normal chaotic state I want to do lots of things but my bodies energy level isn’t cooperating *sigh* It’s frustrating for me not to be able to do things in my own pace. But, I have to deal with it somehow so I try to quit whining and share some of the good stuff I’ve done the last three weeks.

First of all I’ve visited my parents and sister up North and as we all went out to diner the conversation took a turn towards pet dogs. As many know I still have my two shih-tzu diva’s; Romy and Esme.

As my parents invited a few friends I took out my iPad and showed them some pictures of my diva’s and of course had to show them my god daughter and son as well. Then however, my mother’s friend noticed another folder and it showed a snapshot of some tights abs. Always willing to share the hunky goodness I had no problems showing what was in the folder. I warned them it was sexy to the ninth degree but there was no objection coming from anyone at the table and there was a fun filled vibe. So I touched the folder icon...and there we went!!

I worked the table with a few pictures, it went from totally innocent to complete debauchery:

Then my sister told me I was giving the table behind us a great view. I looked behind me and noticed a guy grinning very wickedly at me. Yeah, I shaded a color of red a fire engine would be jealous of! As I quickly showed my last picture the handful of guys in their twenties at the table to our right asked if I had anything on my iPad that would make them grin too. Again, I was tongue-tied for a witty answer but well…that teaches me to bring my iPad to dinner and give the ladies at our table a bit of wicked delight!! In my enthusiasm I do not always note that other people can hear and see as well *headdesk*

On March twenty-seventh it marked the release of Lover reborn. Book Depository, or better said, the Dutch mail delivery sucks big hairy balls these days with delivering book packages. Packages that need to be hand delivered are quite on time and thank the Lord Lover Reborn got delivered on release day. Got it in the afternoon and for two days inhaled the Black Dagger Brotherhood again. Really enjoyed it!! But now I’ve been on pins and needles for Wicked As They Come but that’s mailbox delivery and its taking forever. It’s really irritating the crap outta me. I have such little patience when it comes to things I order. I want it….NOW!

On Saturday I did my grocery shopping and as I went to the bakery I got confronted with this:

For a chocolate junkie that is sooooo hard to ignore. I was salivating but I was strong, plus the price tag of twenty-five euros made me think twelve times harder if my taste-buds would actually need it. Okay, that was stupid of me cause my taste buds craved the chocolate of course *wink* In the end I was strong though and twenty-five euros can buy me a whole lot of M&M bags!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading; Nalini Singh’s; Psy-Changeling series, Kresley Cole’s; Immortal’s After Dark series, Deidre Knight’s; Butterfly Tattoo, Lisa Valdez’s; Passion. It’s Easter weekend and I’m in a total contemporary romance mood and via twitter convo’s I’ve discovered S.C. Stephens. She’s been getting good rating but she also comes from fanfiction land if my google info is correct. I’m going to read this author with It’s All Relative, the blurb really spoke to me and enticed my curiosity.

I just hope it’s an original novel and not based on book/TV/movie characters. This really turns me off!!

So what are you up to this Easter?


  1. LMAO So you in that restaurant!!I overdid it as well with the chocolate eggs this Easter,but they are so yummy so who cares!! Spend saturday in the cold at the tracks with son, brrrrrr it was so cold. Hugs!

  2. Oh you're a naughty naughty girl. LOL Too funny. Glad you had a fun time but sorry you are still suffering. Sounds awful to be sooo exhausted all the time.

    We didn't do anything. My daughter's friend came over for a while yesterday and that's about it. We are both off work/school so today is the day to do all those chores I didn't do all weekend, laundry, cleaning, etc.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Wicked As They Come was really good. I thought it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it!

    I spent my Easter eating (and then my Easter evening working out) :-D

  4. @Marissa - I kinda had a lora leigh comvo flashback with the pics incident ;) Mother Nature can be so fickle! A few weeks back it was such fabulous spring weather and now its icy cold again....hate it *shivers*

    @Tam - yeah, I gave my mom and her friend an eyeful of the good stuff *wink* I love those lazy days but eventualy reality comes knocking on your door again...I need a bibity-babity-boo kind of cleaning magic!

    @Paranormal Haven - I've heard good noises regarding Wicked and I just love the sound of the characters and world....its seems like my kind of thing :)

    With me Easter eating is check but the working out *ugh* can't wait to cycle to work again and work as well!

  5. *waves*
    Mmmmm choco!! And the new Ward, nothing is better

  6. Sorry you aren't feeling well, but sounds like you are getting in some great reading! Easter was my baby girl's 6th bday, so we were rather busy with the princess! It was a good day!

  7. I have the same problems with the Dutch mail system you do Leontine. I have ordered books in February that still are not here, including Lover Reborn and Alien Diplomacy and some others I am "dying" to read.
    And that chocolate looks so good, but the prices are really outrageous. So, just buy a good bar of chocolate, in the end you have the same weight for less money :)

    Those guys in the restaurant were not cute enough to add to your collection?

  8. Oh dear! You poor thing. I guess the moral of the story is don't open folders in public? ;) I can't comment on the mail system, except to say that doesn't it seem whenever you're looking forward to getting something in the mail, it takes forever? Hmm....Contemporary...Oh, the last contemporary I read was Almost A Bride by Kimberly Llewellyn. It's a little funny, a little smutty, you might like it. ;)


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