13 May 2012

Sunday's Brunch; Momma Day

Today I celebrate my mom with a few reflections over the years *grin*

1: Although I may not have shown it at the time you gave me my brother and sister. For which I am eternally grateful!!

2: I still remember the nights when you woke me up as a kid and we went into the city. I remember the wonder of the stars in the sky, the air on my face and you cycling us both to the city where we drank hot cocoa. It was magic to me!!
3: You’ve dealt with my impulsive behavior and did so gracefully. It created many embarrassing moments which I will not air on the internet. Yes mom, I have learned some control *wink*

4: You hugged me and patiently passed the tissues when I dealt with my first break-up. I thought my life was over and you didn’t say otherwise, you just let me vocalize my drama.

5: When you gave me the contact add of Henry I thought; “Get real, mom.” Still you got me to write him a letter and I met the man who will forever hold claim to a part of my heart!! You’re such a matchmaker *wink*

6: The love you share with dad makes my romantic heart flutter. I’m so blessed to witness that!! Perhaps I could do without stumbling on you while smooching in the kitchen with dad but hey…I’ll deal with that *grin*

7: When we have family meetings/days you effortlessly order us around to do stuff. Like it is your prerogative. And we do it because we have such fun in the kitchen.

8A: My humor eludes you but you still love me.

8B: When I show half nekkid men to your friends in a restaurant you reconsile with the fact I still have my impulsive moments and you still love me.

8C: You instilled the love for reading in me and you patiently listen to all my ranting and raving about romancelandia without thinking I’ve gone mad.

9: When I just moved in with Henry and went from a rambunctious eight person family to just the two of us you gave me Lady Bug. She brought a liveliness to our home I needed! You understood, without me uttering a word, what a drastic change moving out for me was.

10: In the best and worst times of my life you’ve been there. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we discussed. You were my wonder woman when I grew up and turned in to my confidante as an adult. Both of us aren’t perfect but I’m happy that you’re my mom!! I hope to have you for so many more years to come (((hugs)))

photo from 2010


  1. What a wonderful post. Your mom sounds like an amazing lady. Have a great Sunday.

  2. *sniffle* That is a beautiful post and lovely photo. Makes me want to be part of your family! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a lovely post for your mom! *sniff*

  4. Beautiful words, I wish I had such a bond with my parents. I hope she reads this.


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