27 May 2012

Sunday's Brunch; A visit to a friend, LLC & a free book

Last week summer arrived in the Netherlands which I loved and hated at the same time. It never is a gradual increase of heat, oh no, the Netherlands had to go from around 14 C to a whopping 28 C in a few days. Can I say; Yikes!! But now that I’ve come accustomed to the humidity and temperatures I’m enjoying myself – if I don’t have much to do ;)

On twitter I’ve been following Pearl’s progress in her move to a new house and yesterday she and her hubby celebrated it with a housewarming party. It was one of those days that had a golden glow to them. First of all I was on schedule, which means I could take it easy and go to the bus in a less than frantic mode. On the bus I listened to music, sun was shining on my face and people were all in a good mood. A free day full of summer weather will do that to the Dutch people *wink*

PS: Due to hot weather my feet were swollen and I had to wear these, instead of the strappy sandals I had in mind, so I could walk to and from station & Pearls house.

I got on the train, had free wifi *woot* and though I had some stressors due to new public transportation route I was doing good. To Pearl’s former home it took me about 2 and a half – three hours but now it is a tight route and it takes me one and a half hours which is so full of win!!! I got out in Pearl’s neck of the woods and of course lost my way. The first friendly face I found I yelled “whelp me”. She did and while I walked in the right direction I found a beautiful fix me upper:

With a fantastic view given from across the street.

Then I got to the street of Pearl’s home to find myself at number 101, looked at the invite and yeah, I had to go way down the street. But there were cute stores; a fresh veggie and fruit store, an Italian ice-cream parlor (very important to me cause I LOVE Italian ice-cream!) I even came across a mill!

Pearl was already outside to greet me and from there on it was good company, good food – my taste buds got acquainted to a whole new set of tastes and structures *win* and most important good convo’s. I had a blast. Met with Lucy again after five years and we talked up a storm! Before I knew it, it was nine PM and time for me to go.

On the way back I was tired, I had a sun soaked skin, a grin on my face and I was uber tired. I had to take a picture from my view to commemorate the moment.

Then at eleven-ish I got home to find this:

It was the cherry on the day and it made me buzz around for at least forty-five minutes before I dropped dead in bed!

Now it’s Sunday, I’m taking my day to have some ‘me time’ before I have to get my apartment ready so my bro & his girlfriend will come in a reasonably organized house. They are going to furry sit on Lady Bug and Queen Furry while I am going to the Love letter Convention. On Thursday I’m going to my sister, Natascha, have a home cooked meal with brownies as dessert and catch up. Then on Friday our Love Letter Convention adventure is going to start. We’re going to meet up with @Lucy73 and @Pearl_828 and have a grand gurl time. We’re also going to see @xAurianx and her bestie, hopfully @susisunshine, @pattepoilue and @_ClaudiaGC, too!!

I know I’ve said it once or twice already *rolls eyes at self* but to meet Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian, Maya Banks, Shannon McKenna, Lisa Marie Rice, Bella Andre & a few more authors is just such a treasure!! It’s going to be an awesome experience!

I will close this Sunday’s Brunch with the annoucement that Samhain Publishing is having a $5,50 discount with the code RT2012 which will last, if my information is correct, till May 31st *woot* I already got me some good and free stuff;

Kate Sherwood - The Shift (m/m alternate worlds)

Arianna Hart - Waking Up (m/f paranormal)

Have a great sunday everyone!!


  1. I'm neon green with envy about TANGLE OF NEED! *gnaws on own liver*

    1. I was shocked to find it in my mailbox already. On releaseday it can happens, sometimes its a few days later but this early only happened one time before. It was a pleasant shock, as you can imagine ;)

  2. Wow that's the view?! Nice, very nice indeed :D

    1. Isn't it!? Lots of more weeping willows and flowers too but my camera didn't have the width to snap it. Really atmospheric town Pearl moved to.

  3. Oh, sounds like an absolutely lovely day! :)

    1. I did!! From start to finish it was an incredible day and it still makes me smile. Love those days :))

  4. You sure had a great day Leontine! Did you visit that ice cream parlor? And you alreday have the new Nalini Singh book! I hope mine arrives today. Leaving for Berlin tomorrow for a few days of sightseeing, so today is busy busy busy with cleaning house, doing laundry and other stuff.

    1. I'm doing laundry too and some super sekrit stuff *wink* Lots of house chores but i still have tomorrow too...so I'm taking it slow. I hate leaving for a holliday all stressed out so I made a schedule what I had to do to finish on wednesday evening. That way I can leave on thursday, late morning with a calm mind. Or so i hope ;)


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