29 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: Quotes from various LBL books.

I have re-read the Little Boy Lost books multiple times now and during the reads I accumulated various quotes. While there aren't many or none of the latter three books it means I was so involved in what was going on, so emotionally connected, that I wasn't in a state of mind to think of quoting.

I hope, however, that the quotes given will give you a delightful taste of the characters or writing voice of J.P. Barnaby.


1: MY NAME is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I am going to hell.

2: The way that I felt about Jamie, I was everything that the preacher was ranting about: depraved, indecent, and immoral. Jamie Mayfield was my best friend in the world, and I wanted him more than anything else in it.

3: I had no idea what to say, no idea what to do next. All I knew was, in that moment, I needed to look into his eyes. I had to know what he felt.When I pulled back, I saw the shock and utter terror that I was feeling reflected back at me from his perfect face.

4: Then, in the lightest of touches, soft but unyielding, his lips pressed against mine. My eyes closed, and I felt a rush of emotion, sexual tension - something – building within me. As his mouth molded over the contours of my lips, we reveled in the untamed surge of passion that flowed between us. The kiss was delicate, sweet, and lingered just long enough to make me want more. I had waited my whole life for my first kiss, and while it wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured it in my youth, it was perfect. His lips were warm and smooth as they moved against mine, causing a swelling tension in my stomach. The rain continued to pound the tree house roof as my arms nearly ached to go around him. I was scared to break the spell that had enveloped us. It was everything that a boy’s first kiss should be.
Only it wasn’t with a girl.

5: His thumb stroked my cheek as his hand curved around the side of my face, and I gave everything to him. My love, my affection, my very soul was his.


1: It took all three of them to get me the equipment room, and I was fighting so hard they almost had to carry me there. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the hatred in their eyes.

2: “Jamie is my future.” My mind was set, and there was no way he was going to change it. He didn’t understand. I’d been without love for almost my whole life, and I’d finally found it with Jamie


1: Jamie was the one who had taken that broken, empty boy and made him feel as if he was the most important person in the whole world. No college, no scholarship, nothing could make me walk away from that.

2: “Hey, Pete, who’s your little friend?” he asked with a leer. Andy’s arm remained around my shoulders, and he pulled me just a little closer. “He’s a friend of Leo’s; we were just going upstairs. Whatcha doin’ tonight, Mike?”
“Twins,” the man said as two younger guys, maybe even younger than me, walked out of the room looking a little dazed. The boys were identical except for their messy clothes. In simultaneous movements, they leaned over on each side of the guy and kissed him, one tangling his fingers in the man’s short brown hair, before making their way back down the hall the way we’d come.
“You’re something else,” Andy said, laughing as the naked man half shrugged.
“So I’m told,” he replied with a wink, and I couldn’t help but smile at him. His dark eyes twinkled with humor as they studied me closely. “Wanna find that out, baby boy?” Very slowly, Mike traced my lips with his finger.

3: The teasing wasn’t mean. For the first time in my life, people were teasing and joking because they liked me, laughing with me rather than at me.
4: I panted, from how hard I was. Dancing, grinding between those two incredible hot guys, was intense.

5: “I’m not going to give up looking for Jamie,” I told him gravely, “but I do have to start preparing for the possibility that I won’t… that I won’t find him.

6: […] Mike began to talk again.
“Okay, I know some of these, but there are a few that I don’t. All I need is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ‘Yes’ means it turns you on. Understand?”
“Yes,” I said, spreading my legs wider on the bed, moving my hips, fucking myself on Emilio’s hand. A second finger had joined the first. “Dirty talking,” Mike said, looking up at me.
“I’ll keep that in mind. Being aggressive.”
I blushed from the roots of my hair to the bottoms of my feet. “Yes,” I whispered.
“Fuck, now I’m hard too,” Mike said, adjusting his position on the bed.


1: [...] I would probably never see any place as home. Brian was my home..

2: "I don't blame him for hating me," I murmured into his shoulder. "But I'm scared to go through this alone."

Unfortunately that’s where the quotes end. I’ll add quotes of Discovered & Escaped & more of Sacrificed as I’ll do a re-read of them at some point. Any and all grammar mistakes are mine!!!

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27 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: My reading experience of the LBL series


Two years ago Brian and Jamie entered my world and I found out their story is both heartbreaking as it is joyous. Each release I was full of anticipation to see where their journey would take them. As this is a six books series and this is a series review I can’t guarantee it to be a spoiler free one! I’ve written separate reviews of Enlightened (here) and Abandoned (here) Vanished (here)

One thing that became evident throughout the series was how J.P. Barnaby was able to create convincingly detailed characters and allow their personalities to jump off the pages. The raw emotions to flow from them and sweep me along with it. I think one of things that surprised me in this series, and what eventually became such an appealing lure, where the first persons point of views. I used to take a step back from a book when I discovered it was written in first POV. But I found out over the course of a few books read in this writing style that if the author creates a character that can establish a strong connection with the reader it can be a fantastic ride! During the series the point of view alternates per book between Jamie and Brian and it delivers a profound depth of emotion. The stories voice the tumultuous road for both characters and it connected me to Brian and Jamie in a very intimate way. The level of angst is high, the story development for both Jamie and Brian takes unexpected twists and turns that for some readers may be perceived as pushing the envelope.

I love it when an author searches for the boundaries, have insurmountable dilemma’s for the characters yet simultaneously lets the love soar high. One thing each story in this series has is a gripping and shocking cliff hanger. Since it is a series, revolving around two main protagonists each story ends with an ’Oh-my-gawd-give-me-the-next-book-now’ ending. And J.P. Barnaby is a master in those endings!! Personally, the one that made me frantic and inflicted a ‘heart-in-throat’ gasp was book #3 VANISHED. Of all the possibilities I had going on in my mind I never, in a million years, saw that moment coming and it spun me emotionally on my axes.

I think from the first kiss I was a bit in love with Jamie and Brian. Socially opposites but emotionally two pieces of the same puzzle. I loved being in both minds, it tore my heart in to a thousand pieces to see what they had to endure for the sake of being together. But it is something I so strongly believe in; that love can grow through the hardships in to something so strong nothing can tear it apart. Even with all the adversity there are incredible and beautiful things happening too. The camaraderie, the flirting, the quips and bantering between Brian, Micah, Em, Alex & others is something I will savor and made me smile so many times. From the first time Micah appeared in Vanished, with a wicked gleam in his eyes, I felt my heart flutter. And from there I got a big grin on my face whenever he appeared in the story. His personality is larger than life, he has a big heart and his visceral sexuality just hit the right buttons for me.

All the characters up till then endeared themselves in one way or another. Yet the one who pulled the hardest on my heartstrings was Jamie. The things he has to survive speaks of an inner strength which makes me root for such a person. Jamie’s anguish and despair which made me cry but the good times, his courage and the love deepening balanced the tears shed. The intimacy of the journey is one that affected me profoundly. There’s no sugar coating of anything; its raw, its real, it made me think and I loved the connection it fused between me as a reader and all the characters in this series.

There are various topics in this series that pour a dose of realism in the storytelling. From gay bashing, to places where you can cure the gay. Also the GLBTQ centers, the homeless, violence, murder and addiction. It all takes place in some form or another in the Little Boy Lost series making it a gripping reading experience full of trials and tribulations but also blooming sexuality, friendships and love. The topic that I was entirely new to was the porn industry and how it all worked. It was something that fascinated me to no end! Why would someone choose for this line of work or how do you end up doing porn? What was its appeal and how does a scene work? Call me vanilla but I never watched a documentary about the porn industry on Discovery…if this channel would have one. Again, J.P. Barnaby made this topic work, made me understand the choices of the characters and be completely comfortable with it. I enjoyed the camaraderie on the set and the professionalism.

The sexy in the Little Boy lost series is phenomenal! From the sweet yet powerful impact of a first time, the self-loving, to sex craving hunger and making love…it was all there and I was a voyeur of the first order while reading all the steamy scenes. The moments depicted soul baring emotions or simply acting on a mutual attraction or a need. The eroticism was functional, entwined with the characters development and/or personality but at the same time so utterly titillating my toes were curled during various moments in this series.

Synonyms for the LBL series:
Well-rounded - engrossing – emotional - fantastic - angst – erotic – realism – daring – layered.

It is a rare kind of magic when you intensely connect with an author’s voice and characters. And it’s something that definitely happened for me with J.P. Barnaby. Even though she put me through the emotional wringer! Even though she allowed the best and worst of what mankind has to offer happen to her characters, I closed Sacrificed with a deep fulfilled sigh of emotional gratification! Brian and Jamie’s story is a powerful romance with emotions and passion blazing through the pages. I hope J.P. Barnaby has a chance to write for many more years and grow further as an author. I love to be immersed in the stories she writes!

Series rating; 5 stars

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26 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: A true LBR story - Love at first read.

Sometimes when you read a story that makes such an impact on you, you can remember the day, the place and the time you read it. This is what happened when I read the first story in the Little Boy Lost series by J.P. Barnaby, Enlightened.

I remember I was up freakily early on a Saturday morning, I mean like five AM early, and I booted up my pc. I didn’t own a laptop or iPad at that time so I could lazily lurk around my social media/blogs in bed. I sat in front of my pc, opened tweetdeck and caught up on my US tweeps and what they were doing. This is when I read a tweet by Fictionvixen and the giveaway she was holding. The first five respondents on her blogpost would be winning an e-copy of ENLIGHTENED. I wasn’t all that gung-ho on young protagonists in stories at the time but something from the blurb drew me in. Not much later I got an e-mail that I was one of the lucky ones that won a copy. So I immediately transferred the file to my e-reader and began reading.

It must’ve been like seven AM, I made breakfast first , snuggled on the couch with a few of my dogs and started reading. My late hubby was still snoring his time away so it was quiet all around. The first chapter had one fantastic opening line; My name is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I’m going to hell. I was intensely intrigued *why* Brian thought he was going to hell. The sun rose, I had breakfast, doggies changed their lazy positions and at some point I saw hubby moving around. I vaguely noticed it all because I was spending my time with Brian and Jamie.

The emotional investment was growing fierce while reading the chapters away. But then there was the end…J.P. Barnaby shocked the emotional daylights out of me. I made very distressing noises and I immediately looked up online if there was a sequel. Oh yes, there was a sequel but it hadn’t been published yet. So I contacted J.P. Barnaby…and well, basically turned in to a weeping howler; Why?! How?! Loved it! Want more! What happens next!! Please tell me there is something next?! Well, you get it, right?!

I’ve got no idea how J.P. Barnaby perceived me in that e-mail but she was kind enough to send me book two in the series: ABANDONED for review. I made myself a cup of coffee and asked, okay begged hubby to do a few household chores and walk the dogs. So I could go back to these two fantastic characters who came so alive for me in ENLIGHTENED.

I think that Saturday morning was a little over two years ago, many m/m stories have been read by me but I will never forget that Saturday morning, the chance I took to win a book not really in my niche at the time and found a series I will treasure for the rest of my days. I’ve attended the GayRomLit since that Saturday, met with J.P. Barnaby and the question the peeps there frequently asked me was; “Do you have a rec?” The Little Boy Lost series was a standard answer. Some stories and some characters affect the heart and soul of a reader, Brian and Jamie affected mine!!

In the next few days I will tell you why in a review-ish post and share my quotes from the Little boy Lost series.

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Tell me, which story/characters has affected you to the core that you still remember where you got the book and where you read it?

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25 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: J.P.Barnaby talks about developing the LBL characters

On July 2nd the concluding story in the Little Boy Lost series will be released and it is cause for celebration. Today I'm happy to have J.P. Barnaby here and she asked what I wanted for a topic. Above anything else in this series I *love* the characters in this series and I wanted to know how she developed them. Where did they come from? She obliged and then some!

Let me give the floor to this incredible woman!

Developing the Little Boy Lost Characters

The Little Boy Lost series is a character-driven story. Its appeal stems from how Brian, Jamie, and the other characters interact with each other and their environment along their journey. From Brian’s sexual evolution in the third book to Jamie’s rediscovery of himself in the sixth book, each volume pushes the boys, sometimes painfully, to adulthood. One of the most defining aspects of the characters in the Little Boy Lost series is that they are real, or as real as fictional characters can be. I’ve received dozens of emails from gay men all over the country, and even some internationally who identify so closely with the characters that they wonder if I’m writing about them. One sweet gay man in Texas told me about his own tree house, and how he was sent to a “pray the gay away” camp in his youth. I never meant to get it quite that right, and it’s so horrible that I did. Places like the Sunshine Center, beatings like Brian endured in Abandoned, parents like Patsy Mayfield—none of these things should ever happen to our kids, and yet they do.

The other part of this series that I worked very hard to get right is what it’s like for boys inside the gay porn industry. In the last 18-24 months, through the Little Boy Lost series and my newfound friendships with guys in the industry, my life has changed almost completely. I have the same job and the same home, but with the love, acceptance, and influence of some of these guys—I’m not the same person. Friends like Devon Hunter, Phillip Aubrey, Drake Jaden, and Howard Andrew have taught me so much about myself, and about the person I want to be. I’m stronger and more outgoing, and my phone never stops making its litany of little noises, where two years ago I didn’t even have the need for a smartphone. It’s been an incredible journey, and the boys I’ve been in contact with know that they have my appreciation and admiration not only for what they do, but for what they give back. Just like any other profession, they deserve to be represented accurately and fairly, which sometimes doesn’t happen in fiction. Authors watch the videos and assume that they know what happens behind the scenes, but what they don’t see is that a lot of these boys have formal education or are working toward one. A lot of them are in the medical field helping other people. They weren’t all abused, neglected, or desperate and some of them are even still closeted to their families—so not only do they have to hide their career, but their sexuality.

Specific Character Inspiration

Brian McAllister Schreiber
In a lot of respects, Brian is me. I write a lot of myself into my characters, but Brian McAllister and Ethan Bryant from The Forbidden Room series carry more of me than any others. Writing is therapy for me; it allows me to pour all of my joy, pain, confusion, and existential questions onto paper to dissect. It’s my version of a journal. Ethan helped me deal with my own childhood sexual abuse, submissive side, and bisexuality. Brian is without a doubt my high school self. While I didn’t grow up in foster care, I grew up with relatively no friends in the shadow what few friends I did have. Bullied to point that I nearly didn’t graduate, I was so desperate to be loved that I threw everything of myself into the few relationships I had. While some find Brian’s obsession for Jamie to be romantic, if he were a real boy, others would find his decision to leave Alabama frightening. Brian should have gone to college—but because of his desperate need to be loved, he made a different choice.

Once Brian reached San Diego and found friends of his own, he gave every bit of himself to those friends. He would have done anything for Mike and Em, just because he was so fucking thankful to finally be included. I know exactly how that feels. People who have met J. P. Barnaby either at an author event, or a porn-related even, have been surprised by me. They’re expecting the brash, foul-mouthed porn author who talks to everyone about anything on twitter and when they see this quiet little geek, they’re amazed. People don’t understand that I am Brian—just so fucking thankful to finally be included.

Jamie Mayfield
My sweet Jamie—I love this kid. I put him through hell and back through the course of the series, and he blossomed beautifully in the end. Originally, the idea for the Little Boy Lost series came from an essay that I read by Brent Corrigan on his entry into the porn industry coupled with research on homeless youth in San Diego. It honestly shocked me to find out the statistics on homeless GLBT youth in our country, but with the hatred and bigotry running rampant, I guess it shouldn’t have. I grew up with parents who were pretty accepting. Of course, they didn’t like my black friend in high school until they spent time with him. They were shocked when my best friend came out, but loved him anyway. But they brought me up to judge someone by their actions, not by their skin color or sexual orientation.

Jamie’s drug addiction put him on a level playing field with Brian who always thought of himself as broken, as someone who just wasn’t good enough for Jamie. I had to show Brian that Jamie was human too. Jamie had taken care of Brian, emotionally and socially, for so long that he needed to be the one to step up to the plate so that he could grow and see that he was a worthwhile person—something it took me a very long time to realize about myself.

Adam Jennings
Adam came about because Brian needed a reason to stay in Alabama. He needed a catalyst to make the decision, because his parents, even after the adoption, wouldn’t be enough to make him stay. I made him Ray Andrews’s best friend so that he would have some kind of common ground on which he and Brian could form a friendship. Even though Adam never really had a shot at Brian’s heart, he did have a friend for life. It took Adam a while to come to terms with Brian’s decision to leave for California, even longer than it took Brian to find Jamie. Just like Micah finding Alex, it took Adam finding Sam to understand Brian’s need for Jamie. Once that happened, he found that he could be Brian’s friend again which is how he showed up in Jamie’s hospital room at the end of the fifth book.

Kyle Barnes
In Alabama, completely lost with Jamie and outed in his small community, Brian needed a gay role model. Without that influence in his life, he might not have made it. Brian’s troubled childhood coupled with his isolation at the hands of his peers could have pushed him past his breaking point if he hadn’t found Kyle, Sensei, and Adam in the second book. That sentiment was demonstrated by Brian’s question of why they couldn’t have just killed him instead of beating him within an inch of his life.

Oh, and just a little tid bit of information that wasn’t in the books for those of you who appreciate such things – Kyle is a big fan of gay porn and saw Brian on Raging Hearts. He couldn’t decide if he was turned on or horrified by seeing his former student on the internet having sex.

Micah Burrows
Micah was the biggest surprise of the series, to be honest. I never expected his character to fill out like he did. Originally, he was just a buddy fuck for Brian in San Diego because I didn’t think a healthy red-blooded eighteen year old gay kid would just choose not to have sex if the guy he searched for wasn’t even on the radar—especially one newly free to explore his sexuality without fear of parents or homophobia. I’ve seen books where the main character waited YEARS for his long lost boyfriend to come back. While I don’t doubt that it could happen, I don’t find that scenario terribly plausible. Micah was the perfect person to teach Brian about the pleasures of casual sex. Open and completely honest with himself about sex and what he wants, Micah believes in sex as part of a relationship, but had never really experienced that for himself. Until he met Alex, it was more of a theoretical concept for him. He got Brian in touch with his own pleasure.

Micah is modeled somewhat from my friend Devon Hunter. Both models in the adult industry, Micah and Devon have quite a bit in common when it comes to their attitudes on sex, love, porn, friendship, and loyalty. One of the best things I got out of writing the Little Boy Lost series was my friendship with Devon Hunter—he’s a an amazing, thoughtful, and loyal friend, just what Brian and I both needed at that point in our lives.

Alex is another character who surprised me with his depth. I’d never intended for Alex to teach Micah about love, or for him to have more than a superficial role within the studio as an outsider than Brian felt bad for. As I started the fourth book, however, Jamie desperately needed a friend. He needed someone good and sweet and kind to balance out the horror of Steven O’Dell and someone to talk to about the heartache caused by Brian showing back up in his life. So, on the surface, Alex was introduced as kind of a whiner and a loner, but you don’t see the complexity of his character and his relationship with Jamie until we switch to Jamie’s POV in the fourth book.

The physical description for Alex is modeled after gay adult model Dakota Shine. Sweet, blond, and a little emo, he needed to be everything Micah wanted in a boy and more. He’s the definition of a pocket gay and I loved him from the moment he started talking to me. I’m so glad that he and Micah got together, because Micah taught Alex that he was someone worth standing up for.

Poor, sweet Em. In the series, we don’t know much about his background except that he grew up in foster care. He’s actually a Venezuelan born immigrant who migrated to the states with his mother. She died of cancer when he was just six. Em didn’t have loving foster parents like the Schreibers. He was shifted from home to home with too many kids and too little affection. Sexually abused by one of his foster “brothers”, he uses sex to get the affection that he needs so badly. If men are taking him to bed, even for a few hours, he can feel loved and needed. Mike, though a casual fuck, became his best friend and lover. When he left Em for Alex, it fucked up Em’s world.

Depressed and scared, Em tried to latch on to Jamie, someone just as broken and needy as he was. Brian had left Jamie just as Mike had left Em. They had so much in common. It nearly worked, and Jamie would have been good for Em, had it not been for Brian. After Jamie, Em went through a string of older guys, practically begging for the kind of love that Mike had with Alex or Brian had with Jamie. He never realized that love was there all along until Leo got fed up with watching the revolving door of men in Em’s life. Em was Leo’s definition of a lost boy and he’d loved him almost since he’d moved in as a teenager.

Leo is the father figure in the band of lost boys at the boarding house. An activist, a papa, and a friend, he dedicates his life to taking care of boys that end up on their own in San Diego without friends or family because he knows exactly what it’s like to be thrown away and left with nothing. The character is loosely modeled after Michael Macina who graciously allowed me to use his image on Leo’s bookmark for the series. Michael (@MichaelsThought) puts up some of the most amazing tweets and blog posts letting those in our community know that they are loved and cherished. His beautiful messages are an inspiration to me and many others who need a little love in their lives.

When I close my eyes and think of Brandon, I see Dru from Corbin Fisher. Beautiful, blond, and funny with a little overinflated sense of self, he represents the straight guys in gay porn because they certainly exist. Whether you fall on the side of their inclusion or exclusion, the reality is that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Straight porn is all about the women, and the guys are there to serve a function. In gay porn, a guy can make a name for himself, garner more work, and in Brandon’s case, feed his family and put money back for his kids’ college education. He would do anything for his girls, including his wife. Well, except maybe be faithful. As an adult model, however, he is pretty desensitized to sex – it serves a series of functions: pleasure, profit, release, etc. Since he’s not emotionally attached to any of the girls that he picks up, or the boys that he picks up with his wife, he doesn’t consider it cheating. He loves his wife and his daughters with everything that he has, everything else is just noise.

Steven O’Dell
Steven O’Dell is a pretty sad creature. Yes, everyone hates him because he beat Jamie, got him hooked on drugs, and forced him to do porn. I’m not saying that he’s not a dick. What you don’t see in the book is how he would do anything for his brother and how much he loves his brother’s kids. Most guys wouldn’t give up a Saturday to help their brother put up a tree house for the kids if they didn’t. His addiction and his choice of drugs made him the person that he became. In high school, he played football and even got a scholarship to play college ball before his parents were killed in a car accident and he had to give it up to care for his younger brother who was just two years younger. No way would he let his kid brother end up in foster care.

As a result, he missed his chance at the good life, went to trade school, and became an engineer. Working his way up through the ranks from maintenance man to engineer took a long time, but once he was finally on top, he was as meticulous as he was irresponsible. It took a huge effort to hide his drug use from management, and an even bigger effort to hide his dealing. But throughout it all, he was terribly alone. When he found a boy crying in the restaurant bathroom on his lunch break, he fell in love—just as if he’d found a stray puppy. He wanted to take Jamie home and feed him and take care of him, but like a lot of little kids, he didn’t know how much work it would be and that frustrated him. He took that frustration out on Jamie.

From Jamie to Em to Steven O’Dell, the main characters of Little Boy Lost each have their good and bad points. There are no devils and no angels in the series, though some might view them in that way. I’m sure those who read the series cheered at the death of Steven O’Dell, but listening to his voice in my head, I could hear just how lost he was. All of my boys were lost at some point in their lives—the key to Little Boy Lost was helping some them to find themselves and realize what kind of amazing people they are. They may be fictional characters, but I promise you there are boys out there who look at Brian or Jamie and say “that’s me”. If the books can help them feel less alone, help them feel like there are others out there like them and that if they hold on just a little longer, their lives will get better—then I’ve done what I set out to do because no kid should feel like suicide is their only option.

The Little Boy Lost blog tour continues June 25th – July 24th . Make sure to comment at each stop for more chances to win some really great prizes such as an entire series autographed to you by J. P. Barnaby. For additional entries – tweet about the tour including @JPBarnaby and #LittleBoyLost.

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24 June 2012

Sunday's Brunch: Gurl weekend & Little Boy Lost

Today I’m writing my Sunday’s Brunch after a fantastic girl day! We talked, and talked and laughed so much we have a permanent crease on our faces. Plus we had good food, one of the best milkshakes I evah had and at a wok place my taste buds were in heaven. Desserts…Zomg, in bite size proportions I had about five or six different desserts *heaven*

Last night, after we got home and settled in with a Smirnoff, cocktail or Baileys we proved to be a disaster…*achem* or perhaps it was just me *wink* Lucy, as a virgin erotic romance reader, got deflowered by Elizabeth Amber’s NICHOLAS. We’re talking double peen action and stuff. She opened the book on a certain page and the look on her face *priceless*. I also tweeted "I *pied* in my pants of laughing." Typo’s can get very hilarious in the company of a few wicked fun gals!! I can tell you that.

I had to include some interesting facts about laughing because I’m doing it so much with these ladies:

* Studies have pinpointed 18 different kinds of smiles. The most common is the smile of enjoyment.(We're enjoying our a$$es off alright!)

* 13 muscles are used to smile, but 47 are required for frowning. You have to smile nearly a quarter of a million times to make 1 wrinkle. (So good to know!)

* Laughter lowers the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol suppresses the immune system. Lowering these levels enhances the work of the immune system and may prevent disease.

* You can stimulate your heart and lungs, elevate your blood pressure and improve breathing capacity by laughing. (We have such big hearts and lung capacity!!)

* In terms of exercise, you can get the same benefits from laughing 100 times a day, as you can from 10 minutes of rowing. (We're in such shape then *woot*)

* 15 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep. (Really?! My bags under my eyes beg to differ)

* One good belly laugh burns off 3 1/2 calories. (Ponders: why aren't we model thin?)

* Laughing for 15 seconds adds 2 days to your life span. (We're immortal then with all the laughing we are doing!)

Right now it’s 8.38 AM and Natascha and I will prepare a brunch for a lazy Sunday.

Aside from the fact I’m having a ball this weekend again I wanted to tell you next week is going to be a special week here at LBR. A little over two years ago I fell head over heels in love with two boys and they’ve taken me on a roller coaster ride. I’ve met the author at an event and a vacation that was very special for me. When I knew the final story in her six book series had a set release date I wanted to do a feature on this series. I think my regular readers will know wich series and author I’m referring to since I’ve talked many times about the books in the past years *grin*

J.P. Barnaby with her Little Boy Lost series has a special place in my book loving heart. This is why I wanted to take you on a journey next week.

First of all J.P. Barnaby is kicking of this week long feature with a fantastic and in-depth view of her cast of characters.

On Tuesday I have a LBR True Story planned for you where I’m talking about where I was, what I was doing and how Brian and Jamie stepped in to my life.

On Wednesday I have a post about my reading experience of the Little Boy Lost series.

On Thursday I have a my favorite moments/dialogues quotes from the series.

On Friday I have a sekrit post planned *grin*

Aside from the fact I think J.P. Barnaby has a great tour set up with incredible topics there’s also a few prizes that has my eyes gleaming in *want*.

The Little Boy Lost blog tour continues June 25th – July 24th . Make sure to comment at each stop for more chances to win some really great prizes such as an entire series autographed to you by J. P. Barnaby. For additional entries – tweet about the tour including @JPBarnaby and #LittleBoyLost.

Tour Schedule

I contacted Dreamspinner Press and during my week long feature they have offered to sponsor the whole series in e-book format to one winner! I hope to see you all next week and have a great time talking Little Boy Lost with you all!!

Goodreads series info
J.P. Barnaby on the www:
website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Buy @ BookDepo

16 June 2012

The adventure of Love Letter Convention, Berlin 2012: Day Two

The second part; Taking pictures, Enenes, Ahol & laughing so hard we had tummy aches.

After a Friday that was amazing the clock woke us up at six freaking AM!! Gawd, I felt all my joints as I got up but so thankful for the insight to take a shower at night. That way in the morning I had a bit of leeway. Natascha and I somehow managed a morning dance without clashing into each other or stepping on one’s toes. When Natascha was in the bathroom a high pitched squeaky sound came from it and I told her not to kill miss Piggy. Then, with a dry note in her voice Natascha replied; “Did you just call me miss Piggy?” Me; “Uhm….did I?” ;)

In a good mood we headed out to the breakfast area where we had a wonderful tasty start of the day. We then met up with “the gang” to head out to Starbucks: COFFEE! And then walked to the Kultur Haus where the convention was being held. When we registered we got a bag with goodies inside, a booklet with authors bio/photo, pens and schedule of both days. When I looked at the schedule the first panel that was a must-go-to for me; Alpha Heroes with Shannon McKenna and Lisa Marie Rice. I was listening in fascination to Shannon McKenna why her Alpha Heroes were so over the top. They (heroes) needed to be a certain way to protect the heroine, solve the plot and defeat the villain. My sister even got mentioned because Seth creeps her out and she talked to Shannon Mckenna about this on Friday night. While on the other hand, Seth is my very first McKenna hero love ;)

After that we, Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I, went on a blind date. We went into a room where I thought a group of interested peeps had a date with one author. Well, we were seated at a table with the USA flag and I found out each table had a blind date with an author. Ours was…Bella Andre. Can I just shout out she was the best blind date evah!!! I was kinda experiencing it as instant falling in love, us; Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I and Bella created a vacuum where book love ruled! She gave all of us attention, I talked BDSM books with her and got a recommendation out of it too. But what was so cute to see was how Natascha and Bella connected! The blind date with Bella Andre was definitely one experience that made my LLC adventure that much more better!

Then we went to a Q&A with Larissa Ione. Lara Adrian was going to grill her about the Demonica series. Nothing seduces me more than hear an author talk about her world, her characters and her writing. Where it all came from and such. Plus, it has to be said, Larissa Ione has fantastic humor. Which would only be more stipulated later that night. Of course when it comes to asking questions I get tongue-tied. My pronouncement of English words are off at times which creates a hurdle to take to speak English in public. Also something that became hilarious later that night!

We remained seated for the Q&A of Nalini Singh. All I remember is that this woman knows how to zip her lips when it comes to classified, top clearance information on the psy/changeling series. The hero of the next book. Smile. Who is the ghost. Smile. Nalini has this mystifying smile when she can’t divulge any info. I asked her mother at another opportunity what vices she had cause; She KNOWS!! And all I got as an answer; you got it, a mystifying smile. But I have to love ‘em both for being absolutely wonderful and sweet and keeping that incredible sense of anticipation on an all-time high for the next psy/changeling story!!

Lunch was over in the blink of an eye and we quickly trotted back for the LYX social. There we hogged some time from Lara Adrian, Nalini Singh & Larissa Ione for the signing of books and picture. We needed proof of meeting such awesome authors. I felt one of the kewl kids right then and there *wink*

After that I did a bit of socializing and before I knew it the first day of the LLC adventure was over. Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up before going out for dinner. Again, we got a recommendation for a restaurant and this time it was the Satt and Selig. A quick walk got us to the restaurant and it had an atmospheric tiny setting. I went for a margarita, spätzle and beef/white wine sauce this time. We had the best of convo’s. It’s where Lucy relayed her “enenes” story. How dessert suddenly became desert and how one schnapps was finger licking tasty. Lucy had two! The lucky gal ;)

After belly aches of laughter we went back to the hotel and sat down in the lobby. To show our appreciation for the authors coming all the way to Germany, Natascha, Pearl, Lucy, Freya, Aurian and me assembled a small Dutch giftbag. It contained “De Ruijter hageslag” and “vlokken”. Lots and lots of different flavors of chocolate, syrup waffles covered in chocolate and a “delfts blauw” figurine. So we got some from our room and the first author who we encountered was Larissa and Mr. Ione. They immediately had to taste the syrup waffles. Natascha tried to explain where they were from. Albert Heyn was not something she would understand but Ahold is on the US stock exchange. As Natascha tried to explain Ahold, Larissa only heard Ahol. Oh.My.Gawd. I think I pied in my pants of laughing so hard. So now and forever more the chocolate covered syrup waffles are now: “Go taste some ahol.” *dies laughing…again*

Next to Larissa being a hoot and a half, Mr. Ione also added to the great vibe with his stories. That man has a humor. And a liveliness in his talking. We all made him sign our Larrisa Ione book too. He had some great advice!! In the middle of all this fun, Shannon McKenna also joined in on the fun. We haven’t been able to figure out where her inspiration for her villains come from but in the end…they’re evol and we love ‘em that way *grin* I think I had a serious gurl crush on Shannon McKenna. She is such a heartwarming, classy personality. Yeah, next to Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione, she had to come home with us so we could spend some more quality time with her!!

In all the excitement and fun I did a game we often do back home, it’s opening a book and see what page you end up at. I opened Pleasure Unbound on page 158, I will never forget it. It was quite hawt and I read the sentence out loud: “…his head fuzzed and his vision swirled…” Well my Dutch accent made swirled in to shwirled. So then there was…”Go taste an ahole and an enenes as a desert and then shwirl some!” Yeah…we laughed again so hard our cheeks turned red, our eyes watered and our smiles split our faces. Perhaps you needed to be there to understand the humor but it’s safe to say it was fun! Again it was a night to remember.

We went to bed around one AM. My tired but oh so happy buzzing body found bed again and conked out immediately. The next morning we found out that the LLC was buzzing with stories about a few crazy Dutch ladies having fun in the hotel lobby. I guess our infamy got around *cheeky grin* But that’s a story for tomorrow…

Tomorrow I have a blogpost about day three.

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15 June 2012

The adventure of Love Letter Convention, Berlin 2012: Day One

The first part; The beginning, the stress, the fun, the journey and Friday night dinner.

I quickly heard about the RT Convention when I started reading in the English language and ever since it was my dream to attend it. What I was wishing for even more was a book convention in Europe. How I’ve talked options with friends how to get that happening!! But that prayer got answered by the Love Letter magazine and the sponsors of the Love Letter Convention. The minute I heard Nalini Singh was going to attend it wasn’t a question, it was a given I would go. It wasn’t long after that when various other favorite authors of mine joined Nalini Singh and I got on reader’s cloud nine. I, and various friends, bought the tickets the moment they were available and started planning the trip. This was at the end of last year.

Finally it was the end of May and time to get ready for the LLC. After a week of fun and foreplay it was time for me to pack my bags and get my house in order for the doggie sitters, aka my brother and his significant other. When I stood in front of my closet it didn’t matter that is was like 15 C outside. I bought a dress especially for the LLC and I was going to wear it. I had high heeled sandals and I was going to wear them too. They forecasted cold, rain and wind, but I wanted to look good *damnit*. So summer dress got packed, my colorful shirts and capri pants as well. Since it was a German convention all books there were in German. So I had to pack my own books too. Can I say that my bookbag was HEAVY!! When I looked at all my bags I knew it was going to be hellish to drag it along each transfer of trains. Not to mention me walking to the bus station.

But 31st of May finally arrived. I was going to my sis for some pre-fun and the journey was quite uneventful. We had an awesome dinner, talked a mile-a-minute and of course we were so hyper I barely caught any sleep that night.

June 1st. The LLC adventure was ready to begin at the ungodly hour of 6.15 AM. I only had a few hours of sleep and the face staring me back in the mirror was not awake! Natascha and I got ready, I freaked out cause I had no hair product to stylize my curls. I always forget something during trips, it isn’t something that’s not replaceable but you try to get hair product at 6.15 AM! Natascha had to endure my grumpy mood for like five minutes….okay!!! Half an hour. Okay…I couldn’t let it go that I was so stupid to forget to pack my own hair products *sigh* But we got ready for the first train, it drizzled a bit but Natascha and I were good and eager to get to Berlin. Of course when a train stopped on our platform *I* thought it was the same train we had to go on only half an hour early. So we hopped on and I completely lost my cool when a different station turned out to be its final destination. And no, I did not have a premonition/dream ;) We got out in the middle of nowhere and had to wait another half an hour.

Apparently one train per hour went to the station of Leer, where we had to transfer to an ICE train from Germany *sigh*But all was “zen” again when we got into the right train. Every transfer moment was freaking me out. I didn’t want to get burned by missing a train. Natascha had to endure it but she, at one point, called me back and asked me to take a deep breath of air and just RELAX!!! LOL She's my sis, she can yell at me. Five and a half hours in the train sounds good but is also very tiring. We arrived at the predicted time of 13.58 PM. Natascha and Leontine were ready to wreak havoc in Berlin *YAY*

Now we found our way to Ibis Spandau and noticed a Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds right next to it, along with a huge mall *win*. While our tired feet dragged us into the Ibis hotel we waited an annoying ten minutes at the counter to check in and then it was off to our room. We put our bags away and the first thing I wanted to do was get me some hair product. You really thought I was going to let go of it?! Oh no, I needs me curls to be tamed ;)

So I dragged Natas (Satan reversed, just so you know ;) to the mall and walked into it to find a store for some gel. And then I heard angels sing; a shoe sale was going on and I found the best shoe pr0n evah!!

I was so happy I had a grin from ear to ear. Then we also found some molding clay for my hair and I was in heaven. My sister saw my mood change from cranky tired to orgasmic happy in two minutes. Of course we had to give Starbucks the appropriate love. My sis and I got some coffee in our blood and this had to be accompanied by delicious carrot cake. Sugar rush anyone? LOL

Then we met up with Pearl, Lucy, Aurian and Freya in the lobby. I got to meet Susi Sunshine and Pattipoilue too, of course I had to take a picture of Pattepoilue with her sex-on-the-beach cocktail. She’s so my kind of naughty woman!

After we all sat down we quickly got to meet Lara Adrian and Mr. Adrian, two people who’ve made an indelible impression on me! They are fantastic people to talk to and my heart was beating an exciting rhythm. Then I had my fan gurl moment of the first order. Nalini Singh walked in. I think I squeaked and practically stampede off to her and wrap her up in this big bear hug. I was all like; OMG, Nalini, you’re here!!! *YAY*. Such finesse – way to go, Leontine *ends self-sarcasm* ;) Maya Banks and her assistant also joint in and our group was ready to go. One of the persons whom also joined our Friday night dinner and who has become such a wonderful chica to talk to is Meike Myhr. While I didn’t know her she did know Lara Adrian and she tagged along. I’m glad she did because she was fun-fun-fun all the way!!

Pearl got a rec from the hotel personal to go to an Italian restaurant. Of course I had to go in my summer dress and new shoe pr0n but my ankles did not entirely appreciate that *palmface* If it weren’t for Natas, Lucy and Pearl I would’ve kissed the ground a few times. Anyhoo, after carefully walking the 12 cm heels we got to this fantastic atmospheric restaurant where we got a waiter sent to us from the gods. Italian, tanned, a bit of scruff and a physique … *bow-chicka-wow-wow* Every time he came to our table all I could sing was “All the single ladies” *grin* We laughed our booties off during dinner. I had pasta and a sinfully good tiramisu, it was an Italian restaurant after all. But one or two took the crème brûlée. When our hunk of a waiter flamed the crème brûlée everybody had to take a picture.

But the most hilarious moment was when Mr. Adrian wanted a group picture. That’s when another waiter strutted his stuff and tried to woo us. While Lucy got picked as the gurl who would pay the bill and sat on said waiters lap it was our very own hunky *bow-chicka-wow-wow* waiter who she had to hand it over to. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did then.

Friday dinner was one helluva way to start our LLC adventure!! When we got back we hovered for an hour or so in the lobby, talked some more, had a cocktail and then hauled our tired booties to bed.

The LLC officially had yet to start but my weekend already couldn’t go wrong anymore. I showered, went to bed and immediately fell to sleep with a smile on my face.

Tomorrow I have a blogpost about day two...

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10 June 2012

Sunday's Brunch: Book news & the cover that went around twitterverse in 60 seconds

Today will be a quickie Sunday’s Brunch because I’m not yet recovered from the LLC experience. I have to get back to work next week and need to be doing good, else the doctor think I’m not advancing in my recovery from Mono *sigh*

So what do I have, other than the promise I will have two or three LLC posts up next week, recapping all the crazy events. Well, I stumbled on a great one day offer for a book I was intrigued by from the start. I have mucho covers and THE cover that went round the twitterverse in record speed. I also have a new series on my radar I think is interesting. So here I go.

From the moment rumors started to pop up that Qhuin and Blay from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series might end up with a novella, friends and I started to question the validity of those rumors. I mean, I’m still traumatized from the promise Vishious contained and the execution of his story.

But let’s move on. Blay and Qhuin would mean a full on out male/male story. In a mainstream series. It is a bold move and I only know of Suzanne Brockmann doing a male/male novella in a mainstream series. We talked about if the publisher would actually publish such a story, if J.R. Ward would back off eventually. I wondered but simultaneously I hoped she would make it happen. Last week she noted on her facebook page the title and cover of Qhuin and Blay’s story would be revealed soon. The tension among us book lovers leaped to feverish heights!

And then the moment was there…the reveal of the title and the cover. I can tell you within seconds my timeline was full of cover reveal posts and squee’s of joy with links to the facebook announcement. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cover go viral that fast! But of course *I* had to have this beauty posted as well. It has a gorgeous man on the cover with a green and a blue eye, and I love the look on his face. I can’t wait for the blurb and release date to be announced as well!

The next covers are practically an ode to the male form, ink on skin, abs and all. Let me just give you the view and be quiet for a moment.

I love them all and the Stephanie Tyler cover is made of awesome except...what the f*ck is up with that fake long hair...give him a haircut because it looks like its plastered on the guys head involutary!!!

So that's for my cover section. Now onto some info info I think you would all like. A very cheap book.

Do you remeber the debut A Discovery Of Witches. Well I got an e-mail from a Viking publicist and I'll give you a quote from said e-mail:
We are doing a special one day only offer of the ebook of A Discovery of Witches this Sunday, June 10th. It will be only $2.99 almost everywhere ebooks are sold (Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Apple and Kobo).

Find out more and read reviews on Goodreads.

Last week I also got some info in my inbox about a new series and the blurb from book one intrigued me.

Paperback, 359 pages
Expected publication: June 12th 2012 by Montlake Romance
ISBN 161218331X (ISBN13: 9781612183312)
Language: English
Series: Night Prowler #1

Summary Goodreads:
Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Karen Marie Moning will be captivated by this edgy, sensual new paranormal series about an ancient dynasty of shape-shifters locked in a centuries-old battle for power, and the dangerous attraction between their leader and the woman who may be the downfall of them all.

Deep within the primeval forests of southern England, a race of beautiful, savage shape-shifters lives hidden from the everyday world. Bound together by ancient bloodlines and a ruthless code of secrecy that punishes traitors with death, the Ikati send their leader Leander on a mission to capture one raised outside the tribe before she can expose their secret. When Leander tracks the unsuspecting outsider to Southern California, the hardened warrior is prepared for a fight—but not for the effect the sensual young beauty has on his heart.

Jenna spent her childhood in hiding, on the run from someone—or something—her parents refused to discuss. She trusts no one, not since her father’s mysterious disappearance, not since her mother’s sudden death, and definitely not since she began exhibiting strange, superhuman abilities. When handsome, enigmatic Leander appears, promising answers to the mysteries that shroud her past, she knows she shouldn’t trust him either. But their connection is undeniable, and as powerful as the enemy hell-bent on destroying every one of their kind…

To me the setting and the characters sound exciting and fresh. The romance intense, the men feral and the women have backbone. So what could I do but put it on the wishlist ;)

J.T. Geissinger on the www:
website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Pre-order @ Amazon

08 June 2012

Review: Tiffany Reisz - The Siren

Series: The original Sinner #1
Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA; Original edition (July 24, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0778313530
ISBN-13: 978-0778313533
Read a copy from my personal library.

Summary from Goodreads:
The Siren is a modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady with uptight English literary fiction editor Zachary Easton as an unwilling Professor Higgins and well-known wild child Nora Sutherlin as his erotica-writing Eliza Doolittle. Zach only has six weeks left at Royal House New York before he heads to Los Angeles to take over as Chief Managing Editor at Royal West. When his boss orders him to help Nora Sutherlin rewrite her latest novel, Zach agrees to work with her only if he is given complete control over the fate of her book. If Nora doesn’t rewrite it to his satisfaction in six weeks, Royal won’t publish it.


Coloring inside the lines and following the rules of romance is not something that applies to Tiffany Reisz or the story she has written with; The Siren. She has made up her own rules for her characters and the story progress, and I was engrossed by it. The Siren might not be a romance in the traditional sense of the word but it is in fact a story of the heart, of emotions, of conflict and passions. Not every author makes such a story work for me because I need characters whom I care about and whom fit an out-of-the-box story. All I can say is that Tiffany Reisz hit the mark with Nora, she is the epicenter of The Siren in which everything revolves around.

I am blown away by the depth and layered characterization of each character but Nora was fascinating me from the get-go. She is full of joie de vivre, unapologetic in her passions, straight forward in her opinions and with each page I wanted more of her. Her inner conflicts resonated with me, connected me to her and kept me on edge where she would go and what she would ultimately choose for herself. Reisz created such a distinct and memorable female lead with Nora that it is a good thing she created equally distinct and memorable men to opposite Nora.

Zach, Søren and Wesley are three men in Nora’s life for different reasons. Zach is an editor and assigned to Nora’s new erotica book. He is layered and conflicted with an attitude that, in combination with Nora, made the pages sizzle and burn just by their interaction alone. Wesley is this sweet heart of a young man, completely entranced by the woman Nora is. He brings a fresh faced innocence to the story that sharply contradicts the edgy BDSM elements. I liked him a lot, I liked his role in Nora’s life and my heart was touched by him on various occasions. And then there’s Søren. Oh.My.Lord!!! How he pushed my buttons!!! I wanted to fight him, I wanted to scream at him, I wanted him out of the story, I wanted more of him in the story and I was utterly spellbound by him. He got a rise out of me with his self-assured charisma. His past with Nora is rooted in so much emotions and Tiffany Reisz made me feel every bit of the love, the pain, the despair and the utter feel of belonging together. I think the portrayal of Nora and Søren’s relationship was powerful via the memories/writing of Nora and it made it all feel so very personal. With Søren I was pulled in two directions but all I knew by the end of this story is I wanted more of him.

The characters, both major and minor, where everything I ever wanted as a reader. I love to dive in to the soul of the characters and Reisz laid them all bare for me. I wanted to feel and witness the conflicts with each character, and Reisz established that connection full force! I wanted the dialogues to become a live wire between the characters and Reisz made it so! I’ve said it before but the dialogues between Zach and Nora are verbal Viagra. The potency of their animated conversations kept my succumbed to the pages until the wee hours of the night. Their attraction is exquisitely drawn in my mind’s eye via the verbal and physical interaction. I was completely absorbed by the main characters and loving it every page. The relationship development might be out-of-the-box but it has class and finesse!

The writing voice Tiffany Reisz possesses is a luring one. It’s one that kept me focused on these wonderful, complex characters and the emotions they feel. The eroticism is spine tingling hot, edgy but so well drawn it has a mesmerizing allure to it. The eroticism serves a purpose that is aimed at the core of each character and it made them come alive for me even more. My heart was ripped open by the choices they made but oh, how the author made it work for me.

The Siren is a deftly written erotica story that wow-ed me from the first chapter and left me baffled by the end. Nora, Zach, Søren and Wesley are memorable and emotive characters whom come alive in all their strengths and flaws. The interconnected relationship between Nora and her three men is rich in emotion and diabolical in its conflict which makes it very good for the reader to unravel it all. I fell so hard for this story and the writing talent of Tifanny Reisz that she became an instant favorite author of 2012 for me!

4.5 stars


And now here he was, hauling his arse into Connecticut to meet some loony smut writer who’d somehow convinced one of the most respected lions in publishing that she deserved one of the best editors ion literary fiction. Yes, some days he hated his job. Today he felt certain it hated him back.

“Writing erotica is like fucking someone for the first time. You aren’t sure exactly what he wants yet so you try to give him everything he could possibly want. Everything and anything…” She enunciated the words like a cat stretching in sunlight. “You hit every nerve and eventually you’ll hit the nerve. Have I hit any nerves yet?” Zach clenched his jaw. “Not any of them you were aiming for.”

Zach & Nora dialogue:
“Literary friction?’
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Zach shook his head.
Nora leaned in close to him. He was suddenly and uncomfortably aware of the long, bare curve of her neck. She smelled of hothouse flowers in bloom.
“I can.” She breathed the words into his ear.
Zach exhaled slowly, pulled, reluctantly away from her.
“I’m a brutal editor.”
“I like brutal.”
“I’ll make you rewrite the whole book.”
“Now you’re trying to turn me on, aren’t you? Shall we?”
“Fine,” he finally said. “Save me then.”

“Søren,” she said and met his eyes. In those dark, dangerous depths he saw a glimmer of something human - not merely sympathy but empathy. And he felt something inhuman in response – not passion but pure animal need. For a brief moment he imagined his hands digging into her thighs and the bite of her leather boots on his back. He tore his gaze away before her uncanny ability to read him saw that image in his hungry gaze.

Why was he letting himself think about this? He had to stay objective about the book and its enigmatic author with her dark hair and red dress and her words that burned.

Writing quote:
He placed his hands on her fluttering stomach and brought them slowly up to her breasts. A night with him meant waning pleasure and waxing pain, waxing pleasure and waning pain. He brought her through the cycle over and over again. The pain brought her body to life. The pleasure was always most acute when it followed the pain.

Writing quote:
His mouth was at her ear now. With words intimate and secret he whispered his love for her, his pride that she was his property, his possession, his heart. She was always his, would forever be his. New tears flowed now but they were ones wrenched from her by love and not torture. This was her favorite pain.

“I blew you. You liked it. Get over it,” she said as a naked woman wearing only a tail feather held in place in a way Zach didn’t want to think about sashayed past their table.

It was the strangest sensation. Her instincts told her to throw him on his back, tie him down and have her way with him. Lying there so passively while he touched and kissed her felt so unusual, as if he was making love to her in a foreign language, a beautiful language to hear, but one she didn’t understand.

Tiffany Reisz on the www:
website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Buy @ BookDepo