16 June 2012

The adventure of Love Letter Convention, Berlin 2012: Day Two

The second part; Taking pictures, Enenes, Ahol & laughing so hard we had tummy aches.

After a Friday that was amazing the clock woke us up at six freaking AM!! Gawd, I felt all my joints as I got up but so thankful for the insight to take a shower at night. That way in the morning I had a bit of leeway. Natascha and I somehow managed a morning dance without clashing into each other or stepping on one’s toes. When Natascha was in the bathroom a high pitched squeaky sound came from it and I told her not to kill miss Piggy. Then, with a dry note in her voice Natascha replied; “Did you just call me miss Piggy?” Me; “Uhm….did I?” ;)

In a good mood we headed out to the breakfast area where we had a wonderful tasty start of the day. We then met up with “the gang” to head out to Starbucks: COFFEE! And then walked to the Kultur Haus where the convention was being held. When we registered we got a bag with goodies inside, a booklet with authors bio/photo, pens and schedule of both days. When I looked at the schedule the first panel that was a must-go-to for me; Alpha Heroes with Shannon McKenna and Lisa Marie Rice. I was listening in fascination to Shannon McKenna why her Alpha Heroes were so over the top. They (heroes) needed to be a certain way to protect the heroine, solve the plot and defeat the villain. My sister even got mentioned because Seth creeps her out and she talked to Shannon Mckenna about this on Friday night. While on the other hand, Seth is my very first McKenna hero love ;)

After that we, Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I, went on a blind date. We went into a room where I thought a group of interested peeps had a date with one author. Well, we were seated at a table with the USA flag and I found out each table had a blind date with an author. Ours was…Bella Andre. Can I just shout out she was the best blind date evah!!! I was kinda experiencing it as instant falling in love, us; Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I and Bella created a vacuum where book love ruled! She gave all of us attention, I talked BDSM books with her and got a recommendation out of it too. But what was so cute to see was how Natascha and Bella connected! The blind date with Bella Andre was definitely one experience that made my LLC adventure that much more better!

Then we went to a Q&A with Larissa Ione. Lara Adrian was going to grill her about the Demonica series. Nothing seduces me more than hear an author talk about her world, her characters and her writing. Where it all came from and such. Plus, it has to be said, Larissa Ione has fantastic humor. Which would only be more stipulated later that night. Of course when it comes to asking questions I get tongue-tied. My pronouncement of English words are off at times which creates a hurdle to take to speak English in public. Also something that became hilarious later that night!

We remained seated for the Q&A of Nalini Singh. All I remember is that this woman knows how to zip her lips when it comes to classified, top clearance information on the psy/changeling series. The hero of the next book. Smile. Who is the ghost. Smile. Nalini has this mystifying smile when she can’t divulge any info. I asked her mother at another opportunity what vices she had cause; She KNOWS!! And all I got as an answer; you got it, a mystifying smile. But I have to love ‘em both for being absolutely wonderful and sweet and keeping that incredible sense of anticipation on an all-time high for the next psy/changeling story!!

Lunch was over in the blink of an eye and we quickly trotted back for the LYX social. There we hogged some time from Lara Adrian, Nalini Singh & Larissa Ione for the signing of books and picture. We needed proof of meeting such awesome authors. I felt one of the kewl kids right then and there *wink*

After that I did a bit of socializing and before I knew it the first day of the LLC adventure was over. Natascha, Pearl, Lucy and I decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up before going out for dinner. Again, we got a recommendation for a restaurant and this time it was the Satt and Selig. A quick walk got us to the restaurant and it had an atmospheric tiny setting. I went for a margarita, spƤtzle and beef/white wine sauce this time. We had the best of convo’s. It’s where Lucy relayed her “enenes” story. How dessert suddenly became desert and how one schnapps was finger licking tasty. Lucy had two! The lucky gal ;)

After belly aches of laughter we went back to the hotel and sat down in the lobby. To show our appreciation for the authors coming all the way to Germany, Natascha, Pearl, Lucy, Freya, Aurian and me assembled a small Dutch giftbag. It contained “De Ruijter hageslag” and “vlokken”. Lots and lots of different flavors of chocolate, syrup waffles covered in chocolate and a “delfts blauw” figurine. So we got some from our room and the first author who we encountered was Larissa and Mr. Ione. They immediately had to taste the syrup waffles. Natascha tried to explain where they were from. Albert Heyn was not something she would understand but Ahold is on the US stock exchange. As Natascha tried to explain Ahold, Larissa only heard Ahol. Oh.My.Gawd. I think I pied in my pants of laughing so hard. So now and forever more the chocolate covered syrup waffles are now: “Go taste some ahol.” *dies laughing…again*

Next to Larissa being a hoot and a half, Mr. Ione also added to the great vibe with his stories. That man has a humor. And a liveliness in his talking. We all made him sign our Larrisa Ione book too. He had some great advice!! In the middle of all this fun, Shannon McKenna also joined in on the fun. We haven’t been able to figure out where her inspiration for her villains come from but in the end…they’re evol and we love ‘em that way *grin* I think I had a serious gurl crush on Shannon McKenna. She is such a heartwarming, classy personality. Yeah, next to Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione, she had to come home with us so we could spend some more quality time with her!!

In all the excitement and fun I did a game we often do back home, it’s opening a book and see what page you end up at. I opened Pleasure Unbound on page 158, I will never forget it. It was quite hawt and I read the sentence out loud: “…his head fuzzed and his vision swirled…” Well my Dutch accent made swirled in to shwirled. So then there was…”Go taste an ahole and an enenes as a desert and then shwirl some!” Yeah…we laughed again so hard our cheeks turned red, our eyes watered and our smiles split our faces. Perhaps you needed to be there to understand the humor but it’s safe to say it was fun! Again it was a night to remember.

We went to bed around one AM. My tired but oh so happy buzzing body found bed again and conked out immediately. The next morning we found out that the LLC was buzzing with stories about a few crazy Dutch ladies having fun in the hotel lobby. I guess our infamy got around *cheeky grin* But that’s a story for tomorrow…

Tomorrow I have a blogpost about day three.

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  1. Lol, that was a great recap girls. I am so sorry I missed the adventure in the lobby that night! Next year, less sleep and more fun!

  2. Loved, loved, loved both of your posts about LLC, just didn't have time to leave a comment before. I'm wondering what happened to your post about day 3 though?
    Sounds like this was a fabulous event & I'm a little sad that I've missed it! But luckily we could vicariously enjoy it a little bit too. :D
    PS Your hair looks good this short!


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