29 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: Quotes from various LBL books.

I have re-read the Little Boy Lost books multiple times now and during the reads I accumulated various quotes. While there aren't many or none of the latter three books it means I was so involved in what was going on, so emotionally connected, that I wasn't in a state of mind to think of quoting.

I hope, however, that the quotes given will give you a delightful taste of the characters or writing voice of J.P. Barnaby.


1: MY NAME is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I am going to hell.

2: The way that I felt about Jamie, I was everything that the preacher was ranting about: depraved, indecent, and immoral. Jamie Mayfield was my best friend in the world, and I wanted him more than anything else in it.

3: I had no idea what to say, no idea what to do next. All I knew was, in that moment, I needed to look into his eyes. I had to know what he felt.When I pulled back, I saw the shock and utter terror that I was feeling reflected back at me from his perfect face.

4: Then, in the lightest of touches, soft but unyielding, his lips pressed against mine. My eyes closed, and I felt a rush of emotion, sexual tension - something – building within me. As his mouth molded over the contours of my lips, we reveled in the untamed surge of passion that flowed between us. The kiss was delicate, sweet, and lingered just long enough to make me want more. I had waited my whole life for my first kiss, and while it wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured it in my youth, it was perfect. His lips were warm and smooth as they moved against mine, causing a swelling tension in my stomach. The rain continued to pound the tree house roof as my arms nearly ached to go around him. I was scared to break the spell that had enveloped us. It was everything that a boy’s first kiss should be.
Only it wasn’t with a girl.

5: His thumb stroked my cheek as his hand curved around the side of my face, and I gave everything to him. My love, my affection, my very soul was his.


1: It took all three of them to get me the equipment room, and I was fighting so hard they almost had to carry me there. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the hatred in their eyes.

2: “Jamie is my future.” My mind was set, and there was no way he was going to change it. He didn’t understand. I’d been without love for almost my whole life, and I’d finally found it with Jamie


1: Jamie was the one who had taken that broken, empty boy and made him feel as if he was the most important person in the whole world. No college, no scholarship, nothing could make me walk away from that.

2: “Hey, Pete, who’s your little friend?” he asked with a leer. Andy’s arm remained around my shoulders, and he pulled me just a little closer. “He’s a friend of Leo’s; we were just going upstairs. Whatcha doin’ tonight, Mike?”
“Twins,” the man said as two younger guys, maybe even younger than me, walked out of the room looking a little dazed. The boys were identical except for their messy clothes. In simultaneous movements, they leaned over on each side of the guy and kissed him, one tangling his fingers in the man’s short brown hair, before making their way back down the hall the way we’d come.
“You’re something else,” Andy said, laughing as the naked man half shrugged.
“So I’m told,” he replied with a wink, and I couldn’t help but smile at him. His dark eyes twinkled with humor as they studied me closely. “Wanna find that out, baby boy?” Very slowly, Mike traced my lips with his finger.

3: The teasing wasn’t mean. For the first time in my life, people were teasing and joking because they liked me, laughing with me rather than at me.
4: I panted, from how hard I was. Dancing, grinding between those two incredible hot guys, was intense.

5: “I’m not going to give up looking for Jamie,” I told him gravely, “but I do have to start preparing for the possibility that I won’t… that I won’t find him.

6: […] Mike began to talk again.
“Okay, I know some of these, but there are a few that I don’t. All I need is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ‘Yes’ means it turns you on. Understand?”
“Yes,” I said, spreading my legs wider on the bed, moving my hips, fucking myself on Emilio’s hand. A second finger had joined the first. “Dirty talking,” Mike said, looking up at me.
“I’ll keep that in mind. Being aggressive.”
I blushed from the roots of my hair to the bottoms of my feet. “Yes,” I whispered.
“Fuck, now I’m hard too,” Mike said, adjusting his position on the bed.


1: [...] I would probably never see any place as home. Brian was my home..

2: "I don't blame him for hating me," I murmured into his shoulder. "But I'm scared to go through this alone."

Unfortunately that’s where the quotes end. I’ll add quotes of Discovered & Escaped & more of Sacrificed as I’ll do a re-read of them at some point. Any and all grammar mistakes are mine!!!

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