26 June 2012

Little Boy Lost feature: A true LBR story - Love at first read.

Sometimes when you read a story that makes such an impact on you, you can remember the day, the place and the time you read it. This is what happened when I read the first story in the Little Boy Lost series by J.P. Barnaby, Enlightened.

I remember I was up freakily early on a Saturday morning, I mean like five AM early, and I booted up my pc. I didn’t own a laptop or iPad at that time so I could lazily lurk around my social media/blogs in bed. I sat in front of my pc, opened tweetdeck and caught up on my US tweeps and what they were doing. This is when I read a tweet by Fictionvixen and the giveaway she was holding. The first five respondents on her blogpost would be winning an e-copy of ENLIGHTENED. I wasn’t all that gung-ho on young protagonists in stories at the time but something from the blurb drew me in. Not much later I got an e-mail that I was one of the lucky ones that won a copy. So I immediately transferred the file to my e-reader and began reading.

It must’ve been like seven AM, I made breakfast first , snuggled on the couch with a few of my dogs and started reading. My late hubby was still snoring his time away so it was quiet all around. The first chapter had one fantastic opening line; My name is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I’m going to hell. I was intensely intrigued *why* Brian thought he was going to hell. The sun rose, I had breakfast, doggies changed their lazy positions and at some point I saw hubby moving around. I vaguely noticed it all because I was spending my time with Brian and Jamie.

The emotional investment was growing fierce while reading the chapters away. But then there was the end…J.P. Barnaby shocked the emotional daylights out of me. I made very distressing noises and I immediately looked up online if there was a sequel. Oh yes, there was a sequel but it hadn’t been published yet. So I contacted J.P. Barnaby…and well, basically turned in to a weeping howler; Why?! How?! Loved it! Want more! What happens next!! Please tell me there is something next?! Well, you get it, right?!

I’ve got no idea how J.P. Barnaby perceived me in that e-mail but she was kind enough to send me book two in the series: ABANDONED for review. I made myself a cup of coffee and asked, okay begged hubby to do a few household chores and walk the dogs. So I could go back to these two fantastic characters who came so alive for me in ENLIGHTENED.

I think that Saturday morning was a little over two years ago, many m/m stories have been read by me but I will never forget that Saturday morning, the chance I took to win a book not really in my niche at the time and found a series I will treasure for the rest of my days. I’ve attended the GayRomLit since that Saturday, met with J.P. Barnaby and the question the peeps there frequently asked me was; “Do you have a rec?” The Little Boy Lost series was a standard answer. Some stories and some characters affect the heart and soul of a reader, Brian and Jamie affected mine!!

In the next few days I will tell you why in a review-ish post and share my quotes from the Little boy Lost series.

GIVEAWAY @ LBR: The complete series in e-book format of your choice! Enlightened - Abandoned - Vanished - Discovered - Escaped & Sacrificed.

Tell me, which story/characters has affected you to the core that you still remember where you got the book and where you read it?

Giveaway ends on July 2nd and winner will be picked July 3rd 2012.

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  1. The first book made such an impression on you.

    For me, I would say Jane Eyre when I was fourteen, which was ages ago. I remember buying it through Scholastic books at school. The early part of the book especially impacted me.

    Jane was a young unloved girl and so mistreated by her aunt and at the boarding school. There was so much emotion swirling within her about the mistreatment etc. It really resonated with me since I was going through some tough times at the time.
    Also, the rest of the book was very good about her being plain and invisible as a governess, yet she had dignity, heart, integrity and intelligence.
    Anyway, I would love to read this series.

    P.S. First time on your site. Will bookmark it.
    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  2. I remember reading some promotional booklet at my college bookstore that featured the first chapter of Kevin Canty's INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN. It's the scene where high school student Kenny falls in love with a girl (never seeing her face) as he gazes at the back of her neck while he's seated behind her during a long class bus trip. It's all inner monologue, sexy and obsessive and a little disturbing. I was hooked. Before long I was reading the book at long stretches in my dorm, startled at the frankness and beauty of what I would normally find a rather upsetting and unsettling story in lesser hands. And I was embarrassed at the recurring thought that Junie was totally unworthy of Kenny's love, and that I wished he were obsessing over ME instead. Oh dear.


  3. Sorry, just can't think of anything right now.



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