29 July 2012

Sunday's Brunch: The Magic Mike experience

Months ago, when Pearl and I heard about the movie Magic Mike we both squealed; "Girl's night!" That's when we decided to go together. The date was set, the venue chosen and made it in to a a whole day. Going on a girls day out with Pearl means lots of talking, lots of laughing and...well, lots of everything. We met late in the morning and within an hour we were already in the first shoe store. It was shoe porn gallore and I almost cried when various shoes were just a few millimeters to big which made my heels slip in it.

We shopped till we dropped, ate lunch, shopped some more, had dinner and then the moment arrived where we went to the cinema for our Magic Mike experience. Pearl found this awesome cinema where she booked us lounge seats.

On our walk to the room we got treated to various cardboard images of movies currently available in the cinema. I can cross my heart when I tell you I didn't have on drop of alcohol in my body when Pearl shot these pics.

Do you think if I flash the batman symbol in to the night The Dark Knight will come and go Magic Mike on me? A girl can dream, right ;)

I is a kick ass babe and my inner Braveheart got the better of me!

Who doesn't want to make funny faces looking at these characters? ;)

Finally we got up to the loge with our spacious seats, our complementary sparkly wine and nuts. We opened the menu and since they didn't have Margarita *gasp* I ordered a Long Island cocktail and some chips and chocolate. Pearl had a fab Tequila Sunrise and before we knew it Magic Mike commenced.

The first twenty minutes were full of squees. OMG, did Channing Tatem just woke up after a wicked night with a threeway? Yes, he did! OMG, there's Joe Mangello *hawt*. OMG, is that Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami? Then as two guys were in a dialogue all I could see was...is that a peen pomp?! I almost cleaned my glasses. OMG, that's a peen pomp! I was grinning from ear to ear. Then it was YAY the first stripper scene....my eyes were going from left to right, the beefcake was all over the place and my heart rate was increasing rapidly. I wish I had dollar bills because girl instinct made me want to slip them some ;)

The moment where Adam Rodriguez shakes his buns...Pearl and I agreed, we will never look at CSI Miami the same. Then ‘The Kid’ lost his stripper virginity on 'Like A Virgin' and I laughed so much during that scene. After that...yeah, I lived from stripper scene to stripper scene. The romance was a dud. The leading lady is getting a razzie from me, the whole drugs storyline...better said, every storyline was full of fail. And then when Channing Tatum was crying his ever loving heart out on his drive to his emotion deprived lady, knocked on her door, had some of the worst dialogues evah, it was Pearl who whispered to me, and I’m paraphrasing a bit here; "If this is a truly bad movie, it ends here." She hadn't even finished saying it or the end credits were flashing on the big screen. We looked at each other and burst in to a fit of giggles. OMG...save the scrumptious beefcake - did Joe Mangello even say more than five sentences in the whole movie? And Channing Tatem doing his slick, sexy body language on stage, the story was just sooooooo bad! But I'm sure it will become a classic just for the "artsy dance scenes"!

When, Pearl and I went for our post movie drink we decided even WE could write a better script!

Personally I would go for the stripper scenes that includes; navy seals – firemen – policemen –. You can’t ignore the classics ;)

A wicked BDSM enactment – will there be a dry seat in the house?

I personally also vote for a highlander scene that ends with them lifting the skirts to the ladies upon which of course the room goes dark. Damn it, such teases!!

Perhaps you all can come up with a few more scenes too. The underlying relationships between the strippers will be a focus. There will be some dialogues, some drama behind the curtains but no “Kristen Stewart look-a-like moody sour puss” <<- a combo of what I and Pearl thought of Olivia Munn. It often felt as though she had a permanent PMS look on her face! I vote for lots of sexay body language on the stage – that should be the focus! What do you think?

You can find 'always fun to talk to' Pearl on Twitter

26 July 2012

Guestblog: J.C. Daniels introduces Kit.

When I talked to J.C. Daniels about a topic for a guestblog this is what I suggested:

Who is the kick ass heroine of Blade Song?
Physical description, character description, strengths, flaws, quirks.
(Perhaps a quote/short excerpt with a dialogue/situation/action that speaks of Kit's personality.)

Prepare to meet an awesome new female lead character!!

Aneira [a-nir-a] derived from Antianeirai, found in the Illiad, warrior women, meaning ‘those who war like men’. Also known as Amazons.

Kit… a flawed sort of bad-ass

135 lbs
Pale blonde hair
Good with a sword.
Likes shiny objects (even better when they are sharp)
Half-human, half aneira. Yes, half Amazon. And you’re thinking…but that ought to be pretty kick-ass, right?

Well, compared to humans, yes.

I studied each face. Committed them to memory.
I didn't mess with humans. I stayed away from them because they could bring too much trouble down on us.
But these weren't humans. Not if they were hunting kids.
That made them monsters.
“Come on. We need to get moving. If somebody else finds her, we have to pony up the dough. Not this time.”
They moved off into the woods. I settled deeper into the tree and drew my knees to my chest. Part of me wanted to climb down and go after them. If it hadn't been for the dogs, I might have.
I could take five humans.

With shapeshifters? Not so much. That half-human part makes her slower. Weaker. Not so good in her world.
If I accepted a job from the cat pack, it was pretty much CYA: cover your ass.
Bring your own back-up, make up your will, just in case, and be ready to die if you don't have sufficient back-up. I don't.
The damn cats were likely to try to rip my arms off if I screwed up. Or just to avoid paying me.

She’s not the strongest person in her corner of the world…why is this a strength? Because she knows it.
In a world filled with shapeshifters, vampires and witches who can turn your insides into your outsides, I'm next to nothing; a peon.
I've got a knack for killing and tracking things down. I’m a talented thief, although I try to avoid that line of work, if I can. Luck tends to swing in my favor, although sometimes it’s in a very odd manner, but at least I land on my feet when I ought to be landing in a grave or worse. And I have the ability to fade out…I can go invisible. A handy skill for an assassin, I guess.
But that’s it. That’s pretty much all I can do.

Aside from that? Well, she’s smart. She’s really good with those sharp, shiny objects she likes to collect, and she’s a talented thief. Her kind used to be honored assassins. She can do that job, but it’s not her favorite one. Luck often swings her way, but it’s a damnable sort of luck. She ended up with this job that’s likely to get her killed because she was griping about being out of work and needing the money. That old…be careful what you wish for thing is definitely something she should heed.

A number of paranoias, most of them formed in a childhood that was riddled with abuse.

She hit the ground running at fifteen and she didn’t stop for a long, long time.
Fear gets in and digs deep. She deals with it by kicking it in the teeth when she can...
When in doubt—or terror—reach for the sarcasm.
Running her mouth…or stabbing things.
Distantly, I hear something crash.
But that wasn't what worried me just then. I was sprawled on my back, in an awkward-ass position. And about six feet way was one giant snake. Swallowing, I tensed. It watched me, eyes glittering as its tongue tasted my air.
I didn't say anything.
Flexing my hand, I let the sword come. She was happy now, and I was pretty damned pleased, too.

She’s not going to magically become stronger. She’ll refine her skills, and there are skills she’s capable of that she hasn’t exactly learned yet...but she’s never going to be the bad-ass bitch that she’d like to be.
So she settles for being a smart-assed one.

She whirled in a graceful pirouette and I watched as streamers of fire danced around her.
“Pretty light show,” I said. “You boning up for a gig on Broadway or what?”
She stiffened and the fire died away. Her eyes narrowed on my face. “Excuse me?”
I shrugged. “Well, a few minutes ago you were all combative and serious shit. Now you're dancing. Figured you were showing off and I might as well show my appreciation. It's very pretty. You should add some music, though.”

Shiloh Walker/J.C. Daniels

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08 July 2012

Sunday's Brunch: I had an awesome date & survived a horrible cinema!

I feel like I have a buck load to tell you guys this Sunday’s brunch but I’ll start with yesterday. Because when my brother asked -> read commanded, me to have an afternoon in Leiden to see Rock Of Ages with him and his girlfriend I couldn’t refuse. I saw the trailers on TV of Rock Of Ages, loved the premise but Tom Cruise *ick*. Ever since I saw him jumping on the couch of Oprah…well, our mutual relationship of ‘actor-lover of movies’ has been severely damaged. So I was hesitant. But brother already saw it with his girlfriend and thought it a great movie. So okay. We had our date set for Saturday and as it turned out it was great weather. We walked to the bus and…yeah, we so missed it. So there we were, three adults sitting on a bench and….doing their social media LOL We had to wait twenty-five minutes until the next bus arrived but as always my brother makes it a hoot and a half. So finally the bus arrived, we got on, chatted, got to Leiden and we walked the five minutes to the cinema. Brother and girlfriend were the best as they were taking me out to the movies so they got the tickets and then…it all went to crap and beyond.

Not the movie, mind you, but the rest.

We got to the beverage stand…thing…corner. And there was NO popcorn. I repeat; NO POPCORN. Trauma right there, I tell ya. What frickin’ cinema doesn’t sell freshly popped popcorn?! So I took a diet coke and a very small bag of chips. Then we had to walk up stairs…let me tell you the carpet and interior would’ve looked good in a mistress’ boudoir, early turn of the 20th century! As we got to the second floor and walked in to room where Rock of Ages was viewed we had seats. Oh.My.Gawd. The seats!!! They were so close to the ground and the rows so close to each other that my 6 ft 2” brother had to do some serious yoga to fit in the seat. Picture knees almost up to his chin, fetal position etc…no kidding!!! But the amazing thing was…even though this was the crappiest cinema and the only cinema that was running Rock Of Ages in our region we laughed our a$$es off. Because my brother has an awesome sense of humor. The witty banter between the three of us even affected the only two other ladies in the cinema. With my brother the glass is always half full – love that attitude!!

But then the lights dimmed and Rock Of Ages commenced…

I’m an absolute fan of songs being incorporated to tell a part of the story. Rock Of Ages is a rock musical and every song I recognized, which is a feat all on its own!! The other main allure was the cheesy romance…in combination with the songs and characters so deliciously over the top it was just great viewing pleasure. I reveled in it. The last thing that makes Rock Of Ages a must buy DVD for me; the fact that it’s a movie that takes place in the 80’s.

OMG, the hair:

The bathing suits:

Do I need to spill more?

I think anybody who has experienced the eighties will be very familiar with the songs. The story might be predictable. I told my brother at the beginning of the movie something about the character whom is played by Catherina Zeta-Jones and at the end I was so dead on. But even with *that* I absolutely loved the characters and the way they sucked me in to their two hour drama, songs and romance.

So there the three of us sat…enjoying another song in the movie, humming along when the screen went black. In the middle of a freaking song!! It’s like interrupting my while reading a good steamy scene. A BIG no-no! We all looked a bit stunned at the screen. We were like seriously?! SERIOULSY!! But okay, brother and his girlfriend decided to go for another drink. I stayed behind and they weren’t even out the door when the song and movie started again. A three minute break *fail* My brother and girlfriend bolted back into the cinema while I was just laughing my a$$ off. This was just another fail on top of other fails. At the end the movie was fantastic.We had a hoot and a half in a crappy theatre and we can safely say, will never go to again.

We got out of the cinema…and noticed the posters and got our next movie date set on watching Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE. We ate something and then I saw a person walk past us with ice cream. As I was traumatized earlier this week when my sister whapsapped a picture of her standing in my all-time favorite ice cream store in our parents town, I had to get me an ice cream now. So we did and walked to the bus.

This weekend I had all sorts of things planned in and around the house but my Saturday turned out that much greater due to the invite -> read command, of my brother that he and his girlfriend were taking me out. One of the best date’s evah!!

Now I need to talk books with you. I had an amazing few reads with Kele Moon’s Star Crossed. This woman has magic in her stories, I tell ya!! Every single time I fall in love with her characters and her kind of romance. You can read my review here. Before Star Crossed I received a novella for review. I read it and hello historical romance…Carrie Lofty with her Christie series is among a select few who are rekindling my love for historical romance. I baffled myself they were able to do that!! I read A Little More Scandal and the sultry hot romance was just so good, so luring and the characters so utterly personable. It was instant love. You can find my review here.

Now I’m reading Kristen Callihan’s Moonglow and I’ll be damned, it looks like I’m on fire *woot* I love the time periods were good to perfects books find their way to me. Before my bookgasmic times I read…or at least I tried to read Amber Lin’s Giving It Up. I have never DNF-ed a book but Allie’s first person POV and me just rubbed each other the wrong way on such an instinctual level I just couldn’t work myself through the story. I will not review it but I will post my thoughts next week on why I DNF and why I could only get to a hundred and ten pages.

What graced my social media were a few covers I had to share with you as a dessert:

Ilona Andrew’s STEEL’S EDGE
Cover source Steel’s Edge

Lara Adrian’s EDGE OF DAWN
Cover source Edge of Dawn


Have a great Sunday everyone *smooch*

05 July 2012

ARC Review: Carrie Lofty - A Little More Scandal

Format: ebook, 80 pages
Published: May 29th 2012 by Pocket Books
ISBN: 1451673655 (ISBN13: 9781451673654)
Series: The Christies #1.5
Era: Victorian
Characters: Catrin Jones, William Christie.
Received eARC for review.

Summary (author website):
Welsh minister's daughter Catrin Jones is the talk of Britain. Many women served as nurses in the Crimean War, skirting the edge of propriety to tend lonely soldiers' wounds, but only Catrin survived a shipwreck on her return voyage. Suddenly, like a circus curiosity, everyone wants a glimpse of the scandalous Miss Jones. Scarred, opinionated, and adjusting to a rush of fame so very different from far-away battlefields, she's not the sort of woman Scottish robber baron William Christie aspires to marry.

Following a decade of brilliant business maneuvers, William is on the verge of securing a key railroad contract. But his aristocratic wife's death during childbirth meant the loss of considerable influence. Few in Society have forgiven his up-from-the-gutters youth. With respectability, wealth, and his two-year-old son finally his to claim, William must decide whether an extraordinary nurse is worth embracing just a little more scandal....

For some reason when I find out a story is novella length I have this ‘hhhmmmm’ reaction. Even though the blurb intrigues me it is the knowledge that I crave a certain emotional, character and story depth that makes me careful about reading a novella. But then every now and then I come across a novella that I can’t ignore and has to be read. Only to be utterly surprised when I discover that it’s executed with such fantastic storytelling and character depth that I instantly fall in love. This is what happened with A Little More Scandal. An eighty plus page long, character-driven story and I almost OD-ed on romance.

William Christie is a self-made man battling his inner demons in the world of Victorian society. He is a driven man with a plan to buy a newspaper and he needs Miss Catrin Jones to accomplish that. He will seduce her and she will reveal all her deepest and darkest secrets to him, one in particular! William has it all planned but never took in to account the woman Catrin is. One who survived a horrendous ordeal and is now dealing with the sharks of the society. The moment they meet however a sensual synergy is created that made my spine tingle in anticipation.

I really liked the introduction of both characters. I was curious to the secret, to their backstories but the moment William and Catrin meet the story didn’t merely held my attention, I was sucked in to the scenes, absorbing every small nuance going on between this man and woman. The verbal sparring was an exhilirating foreplay to the emotional deepening of their attraction. The sensuality…omg, the sensuality is so good. The fact that its incorporated in the prelude of a mere kiss and then the kiss itself, I had to fan myself a time or two! How that erotic anticipation is build and then crescents on an office desk. My blood pressure went through the roof! Carrie Lofty not only gave me two wonderfully damaged characters but a sexiness I can’t get enough of!

The conflict revolved around a secret and Carrie Lofty gradually rises the anticipation of the reader when and where the confrontation would take place. However, when the revealing moment came, while it was heart rendering, wasn’t all that dramatic. I loved what the secret brought to the story; namely the reason for William and Catrin to meet. Also, William has issues and I fell very hard for him, his gruff attitude and his giant physique. There was a moment where he asked Catrin something and if I were in her place I would’ve swooned, swooned I tell you! The romance development is just exquisite. A dance between attraction, will power, self-protection, courage and a budding love. This couple are well developed characters I instantly cared about and swept my along for this intense emotional story. In the end the only thing that I was denied was to bask in the afterglow of the romantic culmination. The ending was pure romance but what I would not have given for Catrin and William to pick up Alex. That would have been my five star read!!

A Little More Scandal is emotionally riveting as the chemistry between William and Catrin burns up the pages. A dynamic pairing I will not likely forget soon and that will capture the heart of many readers! Unquestionably an engaging page-turner of a novella. I want more of the Christie’s, ASAP!

4.5 stars

1: Never had she seen, however, such a solid, towering wall of contradictions. William Christie had the build of a mythic giant, all muscle and silent intimidation. His suit was unaccountably fashionable for someone who wore it so poorly. He appeared half-strangled by his cravat, and hugged indecently by a slim-fitting coat that had been tailored, inexplicably, to diminish the breadth of his chest. His rich, golden-blond hair was neatly combed and his face cleanly shaven, but she could imagine him scruffy and wild atop some distant Scottish peak, his big-boned body meant for the freedom of a Highlander’s garb.

2: He wore a simple charcoal suit that had been perfectly tailored.
No more ill-fitting garments. This one permitted his shoulders the room to be broad and impressive and his legs the chance to show off their tight, strong bulk. His body had flexed atop hers. This suit did remarkable justice to his raw strength and long limbs. A plain, black satin half-mask covered most of his face, including his busted nose.
The effect was breathtaking. He had transformed into the handsomest man Catrin had ever beheld.
Again she thought of a wolf among sheep, only he was a strapping thief among preening aristocrats. She wanted to climb him, kiss him, strip that fine suit off his glorious body.

3; “So you will give me your secret, and I will give you mine.”
Her slanted brows lifted. “You have such a secret?”
“How I spent last year’s Season. In Paris.”
“Oh.” She inhaled through her nose. “Yes. That has been quite the mystery.”
“Our secrets laid bare, Catrin. We both deserve as much […]

(This quote made me swoon) 4: “I didn’t leave my son with his grandparents because I value how they’ll acclimate him to Society.” His whispered confession was easier now. Darkness. Catrin’s scent. Her gentle patter of kisses. They conspired to unlock the vault in his chest. “He’s there because I’m terrified. What does a gutter rat from Glasgow know about family?
How does a father guide a boy to manhood? And Jesus, any children we might have . . . ?”
They both stilled. Neither breathed.
He whispered against her skin, “Will you teach me how, Catrin?
Will you help me raise my boy?”

5: They rode one another with abandon. They were a wildfire across a summer-dry moor. She thrashed her head against the pillow until he caught her jaw. Claimed a kiss. Plunged his tongue with a firm, swift stroke that matched his cock. He clenched his eyes shut against the release that built and built. But he wanted Catrin’s release more.

Carrie Lofty on the www:
Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Buy @ Amazon

03 July 2012

ARC Review: Kele Moon - Star Crossed

Format: e-book, 374 pages
Published: July 3rd 2012 by Loose Id
ISBN: 9781611189
Language: English
Series: Battered Hearts #2
Characters: Romeo Wellings, Juliet Conner, Wyatt Conner, Valentino & Casanova Moretti.
Received eARC copy of author for review.

Goodreads Summary:
Heavyweight MMA fighter, Romeo Wellings comes from the hard streets of New York where his family ties to the mafia cause him nothing but pain. His life takes a surprising detour when he crosses paths with the twin sister of his long time enemy. After a steamy one-night stand, he faces the fight of his life, but it’s not in the cage. The secret relationship that blooms between Romeo and his real life Juliet has him battling his family and a dark past rather than let her go. 

The only lawyer in her hometown of Garnet, Jules Conner is also a volunteer Sheriff’s deputy and co-owner of a successful MMA training center. Strong and dependable, Jules is always there for those who need her. Until one forbidden night in Las Vegas with Romeo leaves her feeling so alive she can’t stop reaching out to the sexy, bad boy of MMA, even knowing the forbidden love affair could jeopardize everything.

As the tide rises against them and the people they love work at keeping them apart, Romeo and Jules hold onto a dream for a better life together and vow to go down fighting rather than accept a tragic ending


As I began reading Star Crossed I realized something a few chapters in; this books should come with a warning because the sexual heat and dirty conversations between Juliet ‘Jules’ Conner and Romeo “The Gladiator” Wellings are off the chart! You would be in need of a fan and oxygen real quick. So it didn’t take long for me to be completely immersed in the sultry to and fro between Jules and Romeo.

Kele Moon knows how to portray the sexy, let me rephrase that in page-melting sexy and in Star Crossed she took it a creative notch further. Even if I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the erotic antics between Romeo and Jules I also wondered at one point where the conflict would be coming from. The first hundred and thirty pages or so it is erotic romance at its finest and yet I missed a certain element that would tightly weave everything together. Perhaps this is due to the time frame in the first quarter of the story, which spans a few months where I got intervals between events instead of a complete timeline. After the hundred and thirty pages it felt like all elements blended more tightly and became a well-rounded whole where the effect of Kele Moon’s writing was going full force.

First let me talk about characters because each single one adds a wonderful voice to the story. They pulled me into their world and I loved being their every second!! With Romeo Wellings I got a dirty talking, tortured hero who checked off the items on my list of what I want in a hero. He’s very determined when it comes to the woman he falls for. He is sexy personified. He has passion for his job as an MMA fighter. He has issues and emotional scars. And he has heart for his family. Romeo meeting Jules was instant combustion. Jules has a tough-as-nails attitude, she is there for everyone, she has humor and intelligence, she embraces her sensuality but underneath it all there are some complex issues. Together, Romeo and Jules let the romance skyrocket from the pages and it was so easy to invest my emotions in their trials and tribulations.

Next to this magnetic pairing there are Romeo’s brothers, Casanova and Valentino. The camaraderie between the three brothers immediately gives off the vibe of a tight-knit family. Tino (Valentino) is the young, sexy and party-party guy whereas Nova (Casanova) has a fierce intelligence and loyalty. Nova really is my kind of man material. There is darkness, a bit of badness but he is also a soulful man. He triggers that instant curiosity and need uncover what drives him, to get underneath that surface of his attitude. The backstory of both contains so much more than the first impression led to believe. I think it is a masterful move of Kele Moon to introduce these three Italian men; Romeo, Casanova and Valentino to the Battered Hearts cast. And with these men the mafia. It brought a tension to the story that heightened the risks, the romance and the intensity of the interpersonal connections between a multitude of characters.

Of course I also got a dose of Clay, Melody and Wyatt. I remember feeling very irritated by Wyatt’s attitude in Defying The Odds but I got a different perspective of him in Star Crossed. I got a glimpse inside his soul and I was floored. He made me cry even if he still has those irritating moments. There are layers to Wyatt’s character and I can’t wait for Kele Moon to lay it all bare for me! I can’t get enough of the depth in characterization this author brings to each main and secondary character. The connection it forged while I was reading Star Crossed amazed me and I simultaneously reveled in it!

While I initially missed a romantic conflict I had no idea what was in store. The attraction is instant between Romeo and Jules and it births a strong romance. That love gradually got more complicated and got challenged by external conflicts. The tension of the external problems were subtle at first until I got to a point where it got to full-blown chills and thrills danger, which kept me enthralled reading the chapters away. The feelings pouring out of the characters resonated with me and I got to laugh, I got to cry, I felt fear and I got to squirm in my seat. I’m still astound how the story development caught me off guard and I enjoy such surprises. I also fell in love all over again with the atmospheric small town setting of Garnet. It brings an intimate feel to the ‘everyone knows everyone’ angle and a leisure to the rhythm of the days I like.

In Star Crossed, Kele Moon amps it up and creates a deeply touching tale where a breathtaking romance and a riveting conclusion kept me engrossed. With a unique blend of multi-faceted characters who have realistic flaws, provocative eroticism, soul-baring emotions and a writing style that amplifies the former this author can’t write fast enough!

Each time I read a story from Kele Moon I get to fall in love with new characters. What reader says no to that!!

4.5 stars

Quote 1;
“Well, that’s convenient.” Romeo gave a husky laugh. “’Cause listening to you come until you pass out is exactly what I asked Santa for.”

Quote 2;
[…] because Romeo Wellings was one of the most feared fighters in all of MMA. There was a raw fury to his fighting. A wild passion that was beautiful and terrifying. He was swift and agile for someone as big as him, and there was no denying he had a natural gift that likely showed itself at a young age.

Quote 3;
“What would you like us to be?” Romeo countered tauntingly, his tone daring her to be honest. [...] “Sweaty and naked,” Jules finally settled on. “Wild, sweaty, and naked. That’s what I want us to be.”
Romeo sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes widened. His entire body tightened as if something electric had struck him...

Quote 4;
This time his need was scorching, overwhelming to the point that Jules was consumed by it. His tongue pushed into her mouth, hard and possessive. His hands ran up her back and then pulled down the zipper to her dress.

Quote 5;
The very air crackled with the sexual energy vibrating between them. One wrong move threatened to set off a chain of events that could destroy what they both were before this moment—the danger, the lust, it was intoxicating.

Quote 6;
“We got all night.” Romeo nipped at her neck, his fingers still stroking her unrelentingly. “You don’t gotta hold back, baby. Gimme what I want.”
Romeo was completely city-crass and demanding and hell-bent hurried to get to where he was going—but Jules was so in tune with him she found herself giving in to his demands despite wanting to fight against them. She came violently, crying out as the pleasure burst inside her. The destruction of it was pure Romeo, fiery and all consuming, leaving a wake of shivering bliss as it tore through her.

Quote 7;
It was on the tip of her tongue to say something terrible, to point out that at least she had someone who cared, even if he was far away and only able to connect with her via phone sex. Wyatt had been alone since Tabitha left, and Jules was fairly certain he hadn’t had sex in over a decade.
“Go ahead, say it,” Wyatt taunted, making it obvious he was reading her intentions clear as day. “Cut me, Jules. I dare ya. See if I bleed.” –cries a river-

Quote 8;
It was love on their terms, raw and carnal, with no more excuses and no regrets.
This was real to Romeo. This was honest and right. Being with her was perfect synchronicity. The rest was bullshit.

Quote 9:
“Touch me,” she pleaded, wanting it to be his hand and body that pushed her over instead of her own. “Please.”
Romeo slid his hand between her body and the bed, finding her clit as he started moving faster, losing himself to the rising tide. He was speaking in Italian. She could tell he was confessing things, and she heard the emotion even if the words were lost on her.
Love. Passion. Fear.
They all spilled out of Romeo as he fucked her body and owned her soul. Then his hand fisted in her wet hair once more, pulling her head back until she was tasting the passion, salty with tears—she didn’t know whose, and it didn’t matter because they were suddenly one soul, two halves that had found home in a place where they least expected it. -romantic orgasm-

Quote 10;
With white headphones in his ears, his brother bounced and danced and kicked at that stuffed sack of beans, and for the life of him, Romeo couldn’t tell if he was trying to hurt the thing or date it.

Quote 11;
“What sorta heavyweight goes over the upper limit?” Romeo looked at his bare stomach in concern. He’d been eating at that Hal’s place nearly every day, and he was feeling very content and complacent with Jules. Didn’t guys gain ten pounds the moment they fell into a real relationship? “Am I getting fat?” -dies laughing-

Kele Moon on the www:
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Winner Little Boy Lost series

I've loved doing the Little Boy Lost feature - a series that captured me so. A thank you to J.P. Barnaby for the uber fabulous guestpost! Also, thanks to Dreamspinner Press, one of the commenters is the lucky one to receive the complete series in e-book format of your choice!

Via random.org the winner is chosen:


Loveless3173 June 28, 2012 6:17 AM
Wow... What a wonderful post!!
I really enjoyed it!
Many, many congrats on the completion and success of the LBL series. My friend just recently brought this series to my attention and I cannot wait to start it!
I've read all the blurbs and I just know I'll love it. It fells like full on coming of age story and I am all on board for that! lol...
Many congrats again!
If you don't mind me asking, will this be all you'll write of them ever again? Or will we be lucky to have another small snippet into their lives in the 'future'?
Thanks for the contest! =D

Judi, I will contact you today with the how and what and when!! Congratz and enjoy Brian and Jamie's journey!!

01 July 2012

Sunday's Brunch; This and That

On July 2nd, the 6th and final book of the Little Boy Lost series, Sacrificed, will be released.

To celebrate, Dreamspinner will be offering Book 1: Enlightened as a FREE DOWNLOAD and books 2-5 at 20% OFF from July 2nd – 9th.

More information here.