26 July 2012

Guestblog: J.C. Daniels introduces Kit.

When I talked to J.C. Daniels about a topic for a guestblog this is what I suggested:

Who is the kick ass heroine of Blade Song?
Physical description, character description, strengths, flaws, quirks.
(Perhaps a quote/short excerpt with a dialogue/situation/action that speaks of Kit's personality.)

Prepare to meet an awesome new female lead character!!

Aneira [a-nir-a] derived from Antianeirai, found in the Illiad, warrior women, meaning ‘those who war like men’. Also known as Amazons.

Kit… a flawed sort of bad-ass

135 lbs
Pale blonde hair
Good with a sword.
Likes shiny objects (even better when they are sharp)
Half-human, half aneira. Yes, half Amazon. And you’re thinking…but that ought to be pretty kick-ass, right?

Well, compared to humans, yes.

I studied each face. Committed them to memory.
I didn't mess with humans. I stayed away from them because they could bring too much trouble down on us.
But these weren't humans. Not if they were hunting kids.
That made them monsters.
“Come on. We need to get moving. If somebody else finds her, we have to pony up the dough. Not this time.”
They moved off into the woods. I settled deeper into the tree and drew my knees to my chest. Part of me wanted to climb down and go after them. If it hadn't been for the dogs, I might have.
I could take five humans.

With shapeshifters? Not so much. That half-human part makes her slower. Weaker. Not so good in her world.
If I accepted a job from the cat pack, it was pretty much CYA: cover your ass.
Bring your own back-up, make up your will, just in case, and be ready to die if you don't have sufficient back-up. I don't.
The damn cats were likely to try to rip my arms off if I screwed up. Or just to avoid paying me.

She’s not the strongest person in her corner of the world…why is this a strength? Because she knows it.
In a world filled with shapeshifters, vampires and witches who can turn your insides into your outsides, I'm next to nothing; a peon.
I've got a knack for killing and tracking things down. I’m a talented thief, although I try to avoid that line of work, if I can. Luck tends to swing in my favor, although sometimes it’s in a very odd manner, but at least I land on my feet when I ought to be landing in a grave or worse. And I have the ability to fade out…I can go invisible. A handy skill for an assassin, I guess.
But that’s it. That’s pretty much all I can do.

Aside from that? Well, she’s smart. She’s really good with those sharp, shiny objects she likes to collect, and she’s a talented thief. Her kind used to be honored assassins. She can do that job, but it’s not her favorite one. Luck often swings her way, but it’s a damnable sort of luck. She ended up with this job that’s likely to get her killed because she was griping about being out of work and needing the money. That old…be careful what you wish for thing is definitely something she should heed.

A number of paranoias, most of them formed in a childhood that was riddled with abuse.

She hit the ground running at fifteen and she didn’t stop for a long, long time.
Fear gets in and digs deep. She deals with it by kicking it in the teeth when she can...
When in doubt—or terror—reach for the sarcasm.
Running her mouth…or stabbing things.
Distantly, I hear something crash.
But that wasn't what worried me just then. I was sprawled on my back, in an awkward-ass position. And about six feet way was one giant snake. Swallowing, I tensed. It watched me, eyes glittering as its tongue tasted my air.
I didn't say anything.
Flexing my hand, I let the sword come. She was happy now, and I was pretty damned pleased, too.

She’s not going to magically become stronger. She’ll refine her skills, and there are skills she’s capable of that she hasn’t exactly learned yet...but she’s never going to be the bad-ass bitch that she’d like to be.
So she settles for being a smart-assed one.

She whirled in a graceful pirouette and I watched as streamers of fire danced around her.
“Pretty light show,” I said. “You boning up for a gig on Broadway or what?”
She stiffened and the fire died away. Her eyes narrowed on my face. “Excuse me?”
I shrugged. “Well, a few minutes ago you were all combative and serious shit. Now you're dancing. Figured you were showing off and I might as well show my appreciation. It's very pretty. You should add some music, though.”

Shiloh Walker/J.C. Daniels

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