08 July 2012

Sunday's Brunch: I had an awesome date & survived a horrible cinema!

I feel like I have a buck load to tell you guys this Sunday’s brunch but I’ll start with yesterday. Because when my brother asked -> read commanded, me to have an afternoon in Leiden to see Rock Of Ages with him and his girlfriend I couldn’t refuse. I saw the trailers on TV of Rock Of Ages, loved the premise but Tom Cruise *ick*. Ever since I saw him jumping on the couch of Oprah…well, our mutual relationship of ‘actor-lover of movies’ has been severely damaged. So I was hesitant. But brother already saw it with his girlfriend and thought it a great movie. So okay. We had our date set for Saturday and as it turned out it was great weather. We walked to the bus and…yeah, we so missed it. So there we were, three adults sitting on a bench and….doing their social media LOL We had to wait twenty-five minutes until the next bus arrived but as always my brother makes it a hoot and a half. So finally the bus arrived, we got on, chatted, got to Leiden and we walked the five minutes to the cinema. Brother and girlfriend were the best as they were taking me out to the movies so they got the tickets and then…it all went to crap and beyond.

Not the movie, mind you, but the rest.

We got to the beverage stand…thing…corner. And there was NO popcorn. I repeat; NO POPCORN. Trauma right there, I tell ya. What frickin’ cinema doesn’t sell freshly popped popcorn?! So I took a diet coke and a very small bag of chips. Then we had to walk up stairs…let me tell you the carpet and interior would’ve looked good in a mistress’ boudoir, early turn of the 20th century! As we got to the second floor and walked in to room where Rock of Ages was viewed we had seats. Oh.My.Gawd. The seats!!! They were so close to the ground and the rows so close to each other that my 6 ft 2” brother had to do some serious yoga to fit in the seat. Picture knees almost up to his chin, fetal position etc…no kidding!!! But the amazing thing was…even though this was the crappiest cinema and the only cinema that was running Rock Of Ages in our region we laughed our a$$es off. Because my brother has an awesome sense of humor. The witty banter between the three of us even affected the only two other ladies in the cinema. With my brother the glass is always half full – love that attitude!!

But then the lights dimmed and Rock Of Ages commenced…

I’m an absolute fan of songs being incorporated to tell a part of the story. Rock Of Ages is a rock musical and every song I recognized, which is a feat all on its own!! The other main allure was the cheesy romance…in combination with the songs and characters so deliciously over the top it was just great viewing pleasure. I reveled in it. The last thing that makes Rock Of Ages a must buy DVD for me; the fact that it’s a movie that takes place in the 80’s.

OMG, the hair:

The bathing suits:

Do I need to spill more?

I think anybody who has experienced the eighties will be very familiar with the songs. The story might be predictable. I told my brother at the beginning of the movie something about the character whom is played by Catherina Zeta-Jones and at the end I was so dead on. But even with *that* I absolutely loved the characters and the way they sucked me in to their two hour drama, songs and romance.

So there the three of us sat…enjoying another song in the movie, humming along when the screen went black. In the middle of a freaking song!! It’s like interrupting my while reading a good steamy scene. A BIG no-no! We all looked a bit stunned at the screen. We were like seriously?! SERIOULSY!! But okay, brother and his girlfriend decided to go for another drink. I stayed behind and they weren’t even out the door when the song and movie started again. A three minute break *fail* My brother and girlfriend bolted back into the cinema while I was just laughing my a$$ off. This was just another fail on top of other fails. At the end the movie was fantastic.We had a hoot and a half in a crappy theatre and we can safely say, will never go to again.

We got out of the cinema…and noticed the posters and got our next movie date set on watching Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE. We ate something and then I saw a person walk past us with ice cream. As I was traumatized earlier this week when my sister whapsapped a picture of her standing in my all-time favorite ice cream store in our parents town, I had to get me an ice cream now. So we did and walked to the bus.

This weekend I had all sorts of things planned in and around the house but my Saturday turned out that much greater due to the invite -> read command, of my brother that he and his girlfriend were taking me out. One of the best date’s evah!!

Now I need to talk books with you. I had an amazing few reads with Kele Moon’s Star Crossed. This woman has magic in her stories, I tell ya!! Every single time I fall in love with her characters and her kind of romance. You can read my review here. Before Star Crossed I received a novella for review. I read it and hello historical romance…Carrie Lofty with her Christie series is among a select few who are rekindling my love for historical romance. I baffled myself they were able to do that!! I read A Little More Scandal and the sultry hot romance was just so good, so luring and the characters so utterly personable. It was instant love. You can find my review here.

Now I’m reading Kristen Callihan’s Moonglow and I’ll be damned, it looks like I’m on fire *woot* I love the time periods were good to perfects books find their way to me. Before my bookgasmic times I read…or at least I tried to read Amber Lin’s Giving It Up. I have never DNF-ed a book but Allie’s first person POV and me just rubbed each other the wrong way on such an instinctual level I just couldn’t work myself through the story. I will not review it but I will post my thoughts next week on why I DNF and why I could only get to a hundred and ten pages.

What graced my social media were a few covers I had to share with you as a dessert:

Ilona Andrew’s STEEL’S EDGE
Cover source Steel’s Edge

Lara Adrian’s EDGE OF DAWN
Cover source Edge of Dawn


Have a great Sunday everyone *smooch*


  1. Oh my! What an experience! Glad you have such a positive outlook and enjoyed the time with your brother.

    Isn't the new Lara Adrian cover fabulous?!

  2. I'll see it one day I guess.
    Wohoo for a great outing

  3. Sounds like a blast! :)

    I can't watch Tom Cruise movies anymore. He is suuuuuuch a jerk. Ugh.


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