03 July 2012

Winner Little Boy Lost series

I've loved doing the Little Boy Lost feature - a series that captured me so. A thank you to J.P. Barnaby for the uber fabulous guestpost! Also, thanks to Dreamspinner Press, one of the commenters is the lucky one to receive the complete series in e-book format of your choice!

Via random.org the winner is chosen:


Loveless3173 June 28, 2012 6:17 AM
Wow... What a wonderful post!!
I really enjoyed it!
Many, many congrats on the completion and success of the LBL series. My friend just recently brought this series to my attention and I cannot wait to start it!
I've read all the blurbs and I just know I'll love it. It fells like full on coming of age story and I am all on board for that! lol...
Many congrats again!
If you don't mind me asking, will this be all you'll write of them ever again? Or will we be lucky to have another small snippet into their lives in the 'future'?
Thanks for the contest! =D

Judi, I will contact you today with the how and what and when!! Congratz and enjoy Brian and Jamie's journey!!

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