05 August 2012

The adventure of Love Letter Convention, Berlin 2012: Day Three

Last night I had a conversation with Delilah Marvelle, Tiffany Reisz and Pearl about the next Love Letter Convention. I talked about the possibility of them attending, of going to partay in a club and writing up a blogpost “Dear Love letter Mag” where Pearl and I are going to reveal our ‘author wishlist’. With that convo happening right before I went to sleep, I can tell you I had the weirdest dream where we were invited to a meeting with Love letter Mag. That night however we met up with Delilah Marvelle and Tiffany Reisz and went to a club where I suddenly was teasing Ryan Reynolds with a feather until he begged for mercy. The moment I wanted to join everyone the club was one fire, we all ran out to safety but I left Ryan Reynolds shackled to the floor but he was saved by a hunky firemen and they kissed…

Weird dream!

Anyhoo, my twitter convo fueled my desire to write up the third post of my Love Letter Con experience. At least of what I remember after two months 0.o

It began with me waking up at an hour where my body was still broken en recovering from the night before. But I had to get up. By this third day the LLC gave me a lot of energy but dang my body felt all of its thirty-five years and was severly protesting. However, Natascha and I made it to the breakfast room. During our breakfast Natascha had to deal with my zombie-like state but I slowly woke up. We met with the rest of Dutch horde (as we were dubbed by fellow readers) at Starbucks and went to the LLC building.

The first thing we did was wait for a reading with Nalini Singh and Larissa Ione's. We had to take of our shoes in that room and plant our butts on cushions. It was a very informal setting and I loved it. Nalini Singh read from, I think it was Archangel’s Blade but it was the scene from Kiss of Snow that had everyone in an emotional puddle. It was a part of the dancing scene between Hawke and Sienna. I cried, I love that scene, I love the emotions zinging between Hawke and Sienna and I LOVED the way Nalini gave the intonation to the dialogue.

After the group settled down again it was Larissa Ione's turn. I have started to read Pleasure Unbound twice now but every time obligations in one form or another made me abandon it again *gasp* I know you all will be in shock over that. *SORRY* It is now that I’ve met with Larissa, now that I’ve heard her witty and wicked humor in real life and in her book, I mean, ‘pony-boy’ roflmao, that I can’t wait to inhale her stories. It was funny how me meeting various authors actually fueled the need to read their books.

An hour of reading was a fantastic way to start our last LLC day! We then went to a panel with Maya Banks, Shannon McKenna and Lisa Marie Rice to talk sex. But nothing really stuck in my memory about that save the somewhat ‘look-at-me-I’m-the-only-man-here’ behind me with his endless questions.

Oh dear lord in heaven... ;)
I also remember a Q&A with the paranormal authors which was a hoot. Especially the woman leading the convo. Even though it was part German, part English it somehow wasn’t bothersome. It added to a wonderful vibe of romance readers/authors united.

And suddenly it was time to lunch. I discovered that day when Pearl says she’s hungry we needed to eat something thirty minutes ago! Her hunger monster is something voracious and I think I heard her growl at one point. But we loves her so and took her to this donut shop. Oh.My.Gawd. That donut shop was HEAVEN for my taste buds! They don’t have those kind of shops in the Netherlands *cries*

Sugar was pleasantly rushing through our veins as we headed back to the con. I remember me and Natascha going to the social room and Pearl and Lucy heading to a new panel. We enjoyed the sun which was peeking through the clouds every now and then. We had awesome convo’s with our new found friend, Meike about German releases. As we talked one of the organizers from the LLC walked up to me and she told me she recognized me from a readers con six years ago. I was stunned. I went to that con so I could meet Sherrilyn Kenyon.

WARNING!! Giant Dutch lady!! photo 2006
It was my begin days of reading English. I was devouring Sherrilyn Kenyon, Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole and the likes at that time. It was a small con but I had fun. And this woman recognized me, even after all these years. Apparently she got wind of our fun-filled times in our hotel lobby with Larissa Ione and Shannon McKenna *grin* We also talked about the LLC. How much the readers were enjoying themselves. How much I appreciated all the efforts gone in to organizing this event. How I and the rest of the Dutch horde hoped there were many more to come. All cons are so USA oriented while there are so many readers in Europe too. It was a fantastic convo with another amazing person. We also heard we could pin cards on a board with messages and perhaps suggestions for what author’s you would love to see invited. I wrote down a message and a short list of authors but when I got home I knew I could do better. So I’m going to do a post in the near future!

The afternoon went by so quickly…we had an awesome Q&A with Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione and after that one with Shannon McKenna and Lisa Marie Rice, or the other way around, I don’t remember anymore. Save to say, it was way to quickly time for me and Natascha to say goodbye to everyone, head back to our hotel for our suitcases and catch our train at 5.08 PM.

I can tell you that leaving on a con day is not something we will do again. We were tired, the trains we were in. OMG, one train was like from the fifties. The seats were sagging, it stank of pee and Natascha and I were smashed together. We got more tired after switching trains and the last one even had a group of very annoying, very loud, drunk farmer sons. We reached our tax of what we could handle. But then…oh, we were home. A myriad of emotions coursing through me, overwhelmed by all the memories, all the laughter and amazing convo’s. I laid my head to rest and slept like the dead for at least eight hours.

Natascha and I decided that next year we were going for much longer. Saying goodbye from everyone when the con was still going on, when our peeps still had a fantastic dinner that night with Nalini Singh and her mother, was a very bittersweet thing.

The Love Letter Convention was an awe-to-the-some experience where the joy for romance was celebrated. I loved being there and share the love, fun and laughter with each and everyone there!


  1. Leotine --
    I know there is going to be a bigger presence of Harlequin authors (and Harlequin) in general next time.
    Also I will liase with you before the conference and try to twist some arms so maybe there can be some English books for the non German speakers. I am going to need to know numbers of people attending. Trying from this end. But it was a good conference and I did enjoy meeting you.

    1. Michelle, I was actually wondering WHY Harlequin wasn't present as a publisher? It's such a global brand with such a huge group of incedible authors. So to hear this, Michelle, is awe-to-the-some!!! *woot* This year for all of us was a first time so it can only get better :) We must definitely get in touch pre-LLC con!

  2. You are my heroine, Leontine! Your perseverance in doing these blogposts leaves me in awe as I always plan to do recap posts (remember RWA11... *gulp*) but I never follow through due to many circumstances!

    Thank you for another awesome post. I can't wait for LLC13!!

    Oh and that dream...wei..eird... LOL but so totally in check with your Twitter stream and the Twitter convos last night ROFL

  3. My dearest Leontine,
    What a fantastic post! The recap of the Love Letters convention reminds me of the Romantic Times convention only in Germany! How fantastic! And your dream wasn't bizarre at all. It happened. I was there, lol. And you were out of control, lol.
    I'm hoping to be there next year. I have family in Poland, so it would be a hop and a skip to make it happen :)

  4. I wish I had been there too :)

  5. Great post Leontine, you sure bring back my memories! And yes, I think we will all be there again for LLC2013!


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