27 November 2012

Is there a therapist in the house?

I’m in need of a therapy session with those whom still venture to my blog. I need to admit, out loud, that I’ve fallen of the grid and I have a hard time accepting that. I’ve wracked my brain how others do it, even with jobs and kids and social life. You deserve a freakin’ award, or something, because I can’t seem to find much time these days to even read or review, let alone post something *sniffles*

I have AWESOME books waiting for me to be reviewed. I can’t seem to find time to have hour long phone calls with friends, I can only glance at twitter, facebook is a complete disconnect, and I miss it something fierce! Now I understand why some people call it an evil day job. I love working, love the energy it gives, the laughs and creativity and on various occasions frustrations. However, I hate it that it leaves me with so little time for online social life or actual reading time. I can’t seem to figure out how to make time for something I love to do; blog!

The books I’ve got waiting for me to be read and reviewed!! Lauren Dane with TART, Kele Moon with STARFISH AND COFFE, Kresley Cole with SHADOW’S CLAIM, Erica Hayes with REVELATION, Anne Marsh with BURNING UP, Shiloh Walker with STOLEN, Katie Porter with various titles. Jeebus, it’s a bookgasm right there sitting on my shelves!

Can I say I´m very frustrated, my body needs the thrills of reading a book. And then there´s the complete disconnect with one of my fave genre´s; M-M romance. The last time I read about two men generating heat was too long ago for my taste!! So I’m sitting here, being very frustrated…can you tell?! I need bookgasms to function, damnit!! I also hit emotional rock bottom the last couple of weeks as my second year without Henry came to close. The shock has subsided, the sting from the grief is gone but the feeling of missing him is something that can still rob me of my breath and leave me empty inside. It didn’t help that I had a week long reconstruction of my kitchen going on at the same time. My house upside down and strange men coming in and out. Have I ever told you how my stress level is going from ten to a hundred in sixty seconds when something needs to be fixed up in my house. While I’m happy now with my new kitchen it took some serious zen breathing to get me through it.

I personally cannot wait for the holiday season to commence. Two weeks of blissed free time for me. The first week will be all about family time. For some one on one time with my sis, seeing my brother happy with his girlfriend in his new home and catching up with my parents. There’s nothing like family for some great down time. And then it’s me retreating in my bear cave where I can pick up on drawing again, reading books, watching some of my favorite TV shows…it will be heaven!!

Now that I’ve vomited my frustration in a blogpost I want to ask; Anyone have some advice for me regarding blogging?

PS: There are various tweeps whove contacted me about Pearl. Yes, she’s still alive only also extremely busy with work :)

PPS: I came along these covers and info this morning. Me definitely wants!!

Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy

Cover Artist:
Tricia Pickyme Schmitt

Raphael/Parish (Bayou Heat,#1-2)
Bayon/Jean-Baptiste (Bayou Heat#3-4)
Talon/Xavier (Bayou Heat, #5-6)


  1. I don't know honey. I'm with you. My blogging has been sporadic and my reading limited to almost what I HAVE to read for BER reviews, but shorts I can handle, my writing completely random. My life is just overwhelmingly busy these days. I imagine once Christmas passes I'll have more time.

    I don't know the answer. I hope that the Christmas break will give you the boost you need to start doing what you love again. Hugs and it's good to "see" you. :-)

    1. I hope so too, Tam! My shifts at the kiddie daycare are irratic so I can't seem to get in to a certain rhythm. Are you still busy with the theatre project of your daughter? Is that going okay?

  2. *tackle hug*
    Sometimes it sure is hard, honestly if I had a kid I would have no time at all to blog and read, how do they do it?

    1. They must have some serious good mojo! ;)

  3. Hey Leontine,

    I wish I had an answer as to how to fit it all in~I have trouble myself. I am so far behind with my reviews and reading~I'm glad I'm not the only one!! If you ever find the answer~please let me know!! LOL :)

    I have talked to you a couple of times here and on Twitter and I can remember when your husband passed~I didn't have a blog then but I followed your blog and I didn't even know you but when you posted that he passed, it was one of the saddest days~I felt so much sorrow for you. I thought about you for months afterwards and wondered how you ever made it through the grief. (I say this but I'm not a stalker or creepy or anything like that!! LOL ) I wanted to contact you so bad then but I didn't really know what to say to you. And I have been thinking about how you are doing now~so I am glad that you posted this and you are making your way through.

    My husband and I have been married for 13 years and he has had 2 heart attacks and we had tried for years to have children but were unable to~so I saw in you similarities to my life and I didn't know what I would have done if I had lost my husband.

    Ok so enough of that!! :)

    1. Hi Mariann,
      I will definitely share the knowledge if I ever discover it *grin* And thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot ((((hugs)))

  4. Hi Leontine, I also have no ready made answer for you. You just have to do what you are in the mood for in the evenings, or what you have the energy for. And sometimes, when your head is too full, you are just unable to read or do anything. It will come back to you, you will suddenly crave a certain book, probably a reread. And when you are back in your game, your life in rythm again, your fans are waiting for you. Don't force yourself to do anything you are not in the mood for, that won't work. Just take your time, and just be you.
    I wish you very happy holidays, and say hi to Natas from me.

    1. Aurian, those are some true words your writing! I really need to take them to heart...!

  5. ((((HUGS)))) I know how you feel about not being able to keep up. That's how I ended up falling off the radar for a few months at the end of last year. I now do 1 review a week at Parajunkee's View and my blog is basically just "I'm reviewing {book} at Parajunkee's". But, it's working for me so I can still feel like part of the book blogging community without being totally overwhelmed. I hope you find a happy compromise between 'book life' and 'real life' :)

    I occasionally think of you and how you're doing since your husband passed. Please know that you're both in my thoughts and prayers. <3

    1. I know if I would ask a friend with a blog if I could do 'my thing' aka reviews and ocassional blogpost at her place she would be okay with that. It's just that I like my own place too much *sigh* I will get that balance some day, I need to believe that ;)

  6. Hey you! If you find a good doctor, can you share? First of all great big *HUGS* thanks for sharing what's going on. So much of us deal with stress and emotional upheaval, it's good to share among friends. Also - thanks for the update on Pearl. I miss her. Please send my hellos!

    As for blogging... I don't have advice. I can tell you about me. I don't do much else "socially." My kids come first, but I don't watch my own TV, I don't really ever talk on the phone, I don't have any social life, except for blogging. I have multiple "review partners" that keep me busy because I've got a review to post every day. Also, I feel like if I quit - or even take a break - it will all crash and burn. So that keeps me going. Finally, about a year ago, I decided to focus more on the reading and less on the blogging (less than what I was doing). This helped me A LOT. I was able to read and enjoy. I got "ahead" of my review schedule, and don't feel so pressured to produce.

    Give yourself some time and a break. Don't worry about the blogging as much and try to just read. Good luck!


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