07 January 2013

My 2012 and Book Top Ten

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about 2012 is the fact I read far less books than I wanted. I ventured in to a new job at a kiddie daycare and while I love working it has taken a big chunk out of my reading time. I can whine about it, which I have in Sunday’s Brunch posts, but I have come to terms with it. Also my blogging has become so erratic, it’s something I’ve(somewhat) come to terms with as well. I’ve always said to others who dealt with the same situation; “It doesn’t matter that your online life has changed, it’s the love for reading and books that truly matters!” Yeah, that wisdom bit me in the ass in 2012, as I too had to accept a change in my online life.

I’ve read thirty-five books in 2012 and I have re-read on occasion.

I’ll give you my top ten in random order:

Kele Moon – Defying The Odds ****. I *love* the characters and romance that Kele Moon writes. Emotional depth and great storylines are just about synonym with this author!

Sylvia Day – Reflected in You *****. The Crossfire trilogy wow-ed me so far with emotional turmoil, flawed characters and sex play. The stamina of Gideon is not of this world, I tell ya. The energizer bunny has nothing on him!!

Kresley Cole – Poison Princess ****1/2. The world building, Lore and character Kresley breathes to life is awesome. I’m completely absorbed by her storytelling gift! While my body is here on earth my mind travels into her world for a fantastic adventure.

Joey W Hill – Bound By The Vampire Queen ****1/2. Ever since I discovered this author she has made my top 10/20 lists with one or more books. Her imagination, her layered characters and profound emotions allow me completely connect with her characters.

Tiffany Reisz – The Angel *****. I already mentioned it in one of my reviews that 2012 is the year of Tiffany reisz. Absolutely fell head over heels for her voice and characters. She brings erotica to a whole new level with Nora, Søren and Kingsley.

Carrie Lofty – A Little More Scandal ****1/2. I’ve also read more historical romances in 2012 and this author is one of the reasons. She gave me romance with a capital R.

Kristin Callihan – Firelight ****1/2. Another surprise I found in 2012. I picked up Firelight because of the blurb and was blown away. The storyline surprised the hell out of me and I instantly loved the characters. I want to re-read it every time I talk about this novel.

T.J. Klune – Bear, Otter and the Kid ****1/2. I know there has been much controversy around this novel. When Dreamspinner Press offered this novel for free on their website I picked it up. I read it and loved it. I also watched the movie; Shelter of which T.J. Klune supposedly based allot of his novel on. I have to concur that movie and book have a lot of similarities but while Shelter didn’t impress me one bit I loved Bear, Otter and the Kid.

J.P. Barnaby – Aaron ****. I love J.P. Barnaby for the fact she is able to let her characters endure some of the most atrocious acts known to mankind but make it all about the healing power of love. Aaron grabbed me, made me cry and made me believe in the resilience of the characters. I hope we get more of him in 2013.

Laura Wright – Eternal Captive *****. I’ve been absorbed in this series from book one, Eternal Hunger but it was Eternal Captive which emotionally resonated with me on a very intense level. Can’t wait where she’s going to take the overall story arc!

Personally if I never see anything regarding the Fifty phenomenon I’ll be a happy me. We, in the Netherlands, also had to endure a Fifty movie month on a local network and a sort of documentary where Dutch celebrities read from the book(s) and discussed the Fifty phenomenon. I did get a good LOL moment where a cabaret performer named; Guido Weijers read a part from Fifty and did it in such a way that my sis and I laughed so hard and so long we had belly aches!  

2012 was also the year I battled and most important, concurred Mono. The company doctor put me on a tight leash and ordered lots of rest. Which I didn’t get in my LoveLetter Convention weekend. But of the fun we had. In the fall of last year I also got my contract renewed, not for as much hours as the first one but I was happy. These days any kind of work contract in the children’s daycare field is a miracle. The economy isn’t doing well and we’re all getting slapped by it :(

With my x-mas bonus I bought an Ipad 2, thanks to Janna I could afford one! *smooch* Thanks hon!!

2012 was an exciting year and I look forward to what 2013 may bring me. I wasn’t happy when I heard that Sylvia Day’s release of Entwined With You is pushed back to May 2013. But hey, a few more months until Lover At Last. I also look forward to Kristen Callihan’s Winterblaze and various more releases from authors I love.

2013 is also the year for my second LoveLetter convention where I have to give brownies to the crew there. Cause Delilah Marvelle from my list is coming YAY!

What are you looking forward to in 2013?