08 April 2013

Me, Lover At Last and the LoveLetter Convention.

I’ve got no clue how to start this blogpost as it will be me rambling. But then again, how is that different from other posts, right?! I’ve just had a week off from work where I spend some much needed me, myself and I time. I read J.R. Ward’s Lover At Last and yeah, the story had some major likes and dislikes. There’s no fuel to write a review but here’s a quick summary of thoughts;


• Qhuinn and Blay; I wanted to submerge myself in their romance but I didn’t get all that much in their book. I think it got snowed under by too many other character/story arcs. I still love the ever living crap out of them but with a lead up in several previous books the romance stalled in LAL and didn’t have much progress.

• A HEA in 20 or so pages; Really?! With all the emotional issues going on between Qhuinn and Blay I mostly got superficial or cryptic dialogues. Some hot, quick sexing and then at the end of the story all of a sudden Qhuinn has an epiphany about his sexual orientation. The ending was very romantic but in twenty pages it didn’t come off as very believable.

• The lie of Blay; This really irked me. There was no reason in my book where Blay couldn’t speak up to Qhuinn about the status of his and Saxton’s relationship.

• The M/M aspect; I got my panties in a twist when I read the first erotic scene between Blay and Qhuinn. With the anticipation high I went off like a skyrocket. But then it stayed the same, it was all physical release and very little emotional connection between them during the progress of their story.

• The pregnancy of Layla; Oh come on!! Do you really want me to believe Layla goes in to a miscarriage for a few days and then Payne walks in, puts her healing hands on her, and all is well with the young. My jaw dropped to the floor how J.R. Ward handled that one. Why not let Layla have a healthy pregnancy to begin with if the young was to be part of the story arc? Pages saved to devout to Blay and Qhuinn.

• Layla; Her character arc is intriguing. I love the star-crossed love thing she’s got going on with Xcor. • Assail and Sola; Another two characters whom held my attention. Really like the chemistry they have together.

•iAm and Trez; Where they are going I don’t know and I really don’t care all that much. I almost skipped their parts in the story.

•Xcor and his band of Bastards; Getting very invested in them and like the bad and ominous vibe they add to the story.

•Wrath; While his personality has changed and the innate bad-ass vibe has dimmed a bit I like where his story is going.

While there where things I liked very much overall the romance of Blay and Qhuinn was so-so. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t get the pay-off for being so invested in them.

3 stars

Okay, those were my thoughts about Lover At Last in a nutshell.

I had an incredible week off. Spend time with my SIL, BIL, nephew and God-twin. I cleaned out my closets, waxed my floors, read and had a date with Janna. I also perfected my brownies with Muscovado sugar. I feel like a baking geek admitting it but I *love* it when a recipe gets better than the last time simply by changing some ingredients. And, OMG let me tell you…it’s good I gave away a lot or else I would’ve eaten brownies every day until it was gone. I vote for making brownies a separate food group which you need every day ;)

Now that May is on the horizon me and my sister, Natascha and friends Maggie and Lucy are getting ready for the LoveLetter Convention. Last year we had a blast and looking forward to all the authors who are coming; Courtney Milan, Delilah Marvelle, Vivian Arend, Thea Harrison, Karen Rose, Maya Banks, Cherry Adair, Michelle Styles and more!

Now I'm off to work and find out what's happening there...

Have a great monday!


  1. We are going to have so much fun at LLC2013! And I am glad you are slowly feeling better Leontine.

  2. Wonderful story combining warriors, true love, monsters, oh, and did I mention Vampires? True that! J.r. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood is powerful and a must read.

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