30 May 2013

Leontine goes Berlin & LLC Adventure part 1

The pre-fun of it all;

Ever since we knew that there would be a second LoveLetter Convention, hence known as LLC, we knew we would attend. Tickets were ordered as soon as they were available. Hotel was booked, train tickets were bought, and the moment the calendar said it was May the anticipation rose. There was a busy correspondence between me, Natascha, Maggie and Lucy. What to do in the days before the LLC? The Berlin Zoo, KaDeWe and a castle in Charlotteburg was on our list. I decided to take two weeks off from work and go to my sister, Natascha, a few days earlier.

The weather forecast was good, 20+ degrees Celsius, so I packed my capri pants, shirts and sandals. Well, that became a bit of a challenge because as the days led up to the actual Berlin trip the weather gods decided they change it up a bit to 15 degrees Celcius and rain. I was already at my sister and what was packed were summer clothes. Fuck! It’s what I literarily thought at that moment. But it wasn’t going to change the fact we were going to have fun. Rain or not.

I arrived at my sister on Friday, May 17th. We spend some time with our parents. That Friday we went to a Chinese buffet. We ate…a lot! On Sunday I got introduced to my parents new Shih-Tzu pup. We BBQ-ed and…ate...more than enough! See a pattern here? You will notice it will extend to my Berlin vacay *wink*

It was Tuesday. Natascha and I had everything in order; bags were packed, snacks for the trip made and a schedule printed. Of course during the train trip I got confused during the exchange of trains. I freaked out. My sister stayed calm and she got us on the right train. A disaster avoided. After a five hour trip we touched ground in Berlin. Woot, let the vacation commence! We hooked up with Maggie and Lucy at the train station and together we walked to the IBIS hotel. We checked in, unpacked our suitcases and headed to the mall next door. The first thing we did? Eat ice cream LOL we found an awesome Italian ice cream place and there the first, of many, group pictures were made.

Who wouldn't smile after that delicious ice cream?

Tiramisu ice cream *thud*

We walked around for a bit and decided to eat and then head back to the hotel. Go figure our eating habits, dessert before main course, really??!! The Thai was fantastic and with full bellies we went back to the hotel lobby for some leisure reading and chatting up a storm. Would the LLC13 be as fantastic as the last one? Were our anticipations too high? At midnight we went to bed but did we all have a goodnight’s rest? Well, some of us were up at the ungodly hour of five AM. It should be illegal to wake up that early on a vacation!

See tomorrow how the Wednesday went!

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  1. I love it already, haha! The icecream was soooo good! And dessert before main course? Yummie! I won't tell my mom...


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