31 May 2013

Leontine goes Berlin & LLC Adventure part 2


I'm singing in the rain...

The weather was rainy. After breakfast we bought umbrella’s and headed off to the warehouse; KaDeWe. I will say that the metro system of Berlin is awesome. Hardly any waiting time if you missed a connection. We emerged out of the metro station and it was pouring, thank the lord the KaDeWe was only a three minute walk away. 

We entered the warehouse and the first floor was filled with luxurious brands of perfume. I could get high just on the smells and when a sales person handed us a tester of La Vie Est Belle I sniffed it like a drug addict. It was soooo good but also *very* expensive. Someday I will get it but that day wasn’t the day *sad*

We walked the floors and ended up at the shoe section. Oh yes, it was good! My inner shoe-compass-needle was spinning out of control. Then however I checked the prices. €300 - €400 and even €600 – I was afraid to even try them on. Perhaps when I win big in the lottery I will buy them. This day however, wasn’t the day *sad*

It wasn’t long after that where several inner hunger demons started to rear their heads and food was not needed but demanded! So we headed to the top floor. It was that moment where I heard angels sing; Chocoholics heaven. Almost a whole floor dedicated to several brands of chocolate. Natascha, Lucy and Maggie practically had to drag me to the lunch room. “Later, Leontine! We hungry, we food, NOW!”

We all grabbed food and sat down at a table. What happened next I’ve got no idea. The topic of conversation, I’ve got no clue, but Natascha and I were in a LOL moment, which Lucy and Maggie got on camera.

Even though there are pics of me online with facial expressions I abhor, I love these. It is gives everyone a good sense of all the fun we had.

After lunch we headed down to chocolate heaven where I could have my fill.

A box of chocolate made for me ;)
kissy face...I made them quite a few times!

One of the brands; Lindt – had a great advertisement going on. Which the four of us had great fun with...outside. I tried to take pictures inside. The instinct to take pictures is like second nature. I wanted to facebook or twitter all the good stuff but there was a sign that said; NO PICTURES. But instinct took over, I couldn't help myself. Camera ready for some choice snap shots. When one of the security noticed my move to take out the camera he gave me the stinky evil eye. I kid you not. I gulped and gave him my most innocent look; Sorry!! Even though no pictures were allowed we did make a few where there were no security guards. Bad, bad us *wink*

After browsing a bit more we went outside. I already noticed the fountain on my way in and since it was relatively dry I wanted a few fun pics. Of course I didn’t want to do it with umbrella and coat on so I was freezing my booty off when they were taken. Smiling and laughing however generated a bit of warmth!

We took the metro back and by the time we arrived it was again; Hungry…food…now! So we brought our bought stuff to our room and headed off to the Arcade (mall next door). I was in to pasta that night and the gals indulged me in it. After we got our bowl with food and drinks we started talking. This is a snippet of the conversation – courtesy of Maggie who facebooked it;

"Just another conversation with our beloved Leontine who never fails to make us pee in our pants laughing!

Maggie: LLC said on FB they will announce 2 authors that have already committed for next year.

Natascha asked: who do we hope these authors are?

Leontine: Sharrilyn McKenyon

We: .......... group-LMAO
Sherrilyn Who? That a new author?

Leontine: I was thinking Shannon McKenna, Kinley McGregor and Sherrilyn Kenyon......but I meant Kresley Cole


And then Leontine hacked up a longue."

This is a picture of us doing our social media stuff afterwards;

In the evening we sat down in the hotel lobby again doing some reading, social media and talking. We needed a bit of down time after the fun, walking around and sight-seeing. Again I went to bed shortly after midnight but did I sleep in the next morning; of course not *deep sigh*

Some photo's are courtesy of:

Natascha Twitter / FB – Maggie Twitter / FB – Lucy; Twitter / FB

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