31 July 2013

Series Review; Katie Porter - Vegas Top Guns

Format; E-Book
Publisher; Samhain
Genre; Erotic contemporary romance
Series; Vegas Top Guns
Received Double Down and Inside Bet from author for review

Series Review;

When I started in Double Down I didn’t realize it was the beginning of gobbling up every story in the Vegas Top Guns series. I was amazed at how quickly I got invested in this group of F-16 pilots and the kink in each story appealed to me in various degrees. The role-playing in Double Down
was fun and steamy. It wasn’t gritty but I enjoyed the intensity of emotions it evoked with Ryan and Cassandra. Jon and Heather had such incredible sexual tension with asphyxiation to spice things up a notch. Even though the trope older woman, younger man isn’t my forte I was drawn in to Inside Bet from the start. With Hold ‘Em, Katie Porter again proved she could deliver a fantastic, heart rendering story with another trope not close to my heart; femdom. Lea and Mike touched my heart in unexpected ways. And last but not least, the one that was a book-gasm for me; Hard Way.
The blurb was the factor that refueled my intrigue for this series. The blurb of Hard Way made my spine tingle in all the right ways. I just had to read it. But Maggie, from Pearls World Of Romance, advised me to start from the beginning. I was glad I did. But when I started in Hard Way, Liam and Sunny cranked up the sexual grittiness to stellar heights. The forced sex wasn’t something I’ve read much before but I enjoy the complexity of emotions it can bring to the story. Liam and Sunny didn’t disappoint me.

What I absolutely love about Katie Porter’s writing is the fact that all the story elements seamlessly flow together and gain momentum to deliver an exquisite, emotion rife romance. Whether those story elements were simply enjoyed or blew my mind, it all worked for me in some way. Each story is an incredible delivery of romance which drew me in and kept me in. The characters are well-developed and are very personable. Their characteristics make them pop off the pages and in no time I was invested in them!
The Vegas Top Guns series has the same effect on me as chocolate, once I take one bite, I just want more!
Beneath are quotes and first reaction to the stories.

Double Down

I say yes to Double Down as a steamy erotic romance. I say yes to Cass and Ryan as a sizzling couple and I say yes to this author duo! Erotic romance which drew me in from the first pages and gave a very...*very* satisfying ending!!
4 stars

Quote; “I’m listening.” He was. Completely. Dark eyes fixed on hers. He’d leaned closer. His intimate posture suggested confidences and sordid secrets.’

Inside Bet
Fantastic characters to fall head over heels for, great sexual tension and a wonderful emotional conclusion. I loved Inside Bet! Now I have to get my hands on Leah's story. Femdom isn't my favorite but I've been enjoying myself with this series and can't seem to let go of the characters!
4 stars

Quote; 'That is, until he smiled.
Goose bumps dotted Heather’s arms. Something about that smile, so slow and controlled, completely belied his youthful looks—while revealing an adorably sexy pair of dimples. Unbelievable.
He licked his lower lip, leaving his mouth slightly parted.
That did it.'

Hold ‘Em
Wow, even though I didn't think Hold 'Em could deliver but the emotional ride with Leah and Mike was so beautiful and poignant. Loved, loved, loved it!"
4 stars

Quote; 'If you gave me a cuff, I’d take it. But the fact that I’m not wearing my old 1… It doesn’t have to mean anything more than it does.”
“Which is?"
'He brushed his knuckles over her bottom lip. “That when I’m around you, I can’t think about any other woman.”
Leah’s smile bloomed so slowly, coming from the warm kernel deep inside her. She was happy. Completely & fully happy.’

Quote; "'You know, Mike, you’ve got a lot of nerve pissing me off in the first hour you’re on base.”
“I should’ve waited?”
“Well, let’s just think about the possibilities, shall we?”
Mike permitted a slow smile. “Please do.'

Hard Way
The honest emotional struggle between a married couple, the fantastic, edgy and erotic energy zinging between Liam and Sunny, the epic romance and the pitch-perfect ending made this a five star read all the way. Hard Way is the finest erotic romance entry in the Vegas Top Guns series so far. Keep them coming, Katie Porter!!
5 stars

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