30 September 2013

ARC Review; Kresley Cole - Endless Knight

Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Expected publication: October 1st 2013 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,br />
Original title; Endless Knight
Language; English
Series; The Arcana Chronicles #2
Characters; Evie Greene, Jackson Deveaux

Goodreads Summary

In the second book of the Arcana Chronicles Evie has now fully come into her powers as the tarot Empress. And Jackson was there to see it all. In the aftermath of killing Arthur, the tarot Alchemist, Evie realizes that a war is brewing between the other teens that, following the apocalypse, have been given powers and its kill or be killed.

Things get even more complicated when Evie meets Death, the mysterious, sexy Endless Knight. Somehow the Empress and Death share a romantic history - one that Evie can't remember, but Death can't forget. She is drawn to the Endless Knight, but is in love with Jack. Determined to discover why she's been granted these powers, Evie struggles to accept her place in a prophecy that will either save the world, or completely destroy it.

Review; !!Can contain some minor spoilers!!

ENDLESS KNIGHT picks up right after the events in POISON PRINCESS and I quickly connected again with Evie, Jack, Selena, Finneas and Matthew. From the first page the tension between the characters is tangible and the foes that lurk in every dark corner are very dangerous.

I am not a zombie fan. I don’t watch The Walking Dead as I can hardly stomach all the gore. However, I was drawn in by the high octane suspense of Gunthrie and his flesh eating followers. The allies and adversaries of Evie, and the battle that is played between the Arcana cards, is providing a page turner of a story! The reader is pulled in to the battle by Kresley Cole’s imaginative writing style and appealing characters. The threat, which lies everywhere, hums throughout the pages and kept me on my toes. The love I have for this series lies not only in the fact that the world building is detailed but also that I have no clue what’s coming. Every chapter reveals new information or thrusts the characters in to new dangers to overcome, surprising me at every turn. It brings new light or deepens the interpersonal relationships between the main characters; Evie, Jackson, Death, Selena, Finneas and Matthew.

The plot twists made me gasp, there were layers upon layers to unravel with each character and I couldn’t get enough of it. Why did Evie and Jack ‘do it’? I expected slow burn kisses, taking it step by step but emotions combined with their attraction were an explosive combination and they were going for it. All.The.Way!! It baffled me a bit but as I read the chapters away a game changer was revealed that connected the dots for me. It put a new perspective on everything. The connections Kresley Cole is weaving between the characters, both allies and adversaries, is formidable.

Evie’s life and emotions are in turmoil. After the Flash its survival of the canniest and the strongest. Evie’s still discovering her powers as The Empress as she needs to fight off many enemies like the Bagman, an army and other Arcana. I love the complexity of her external circumstances. Everything she does, every decision she makes and all she feels is portrayed for the reader to absorb.

Selena is still tough-as-nails. Matthew is vague as ever. Finn is still a charmer and Jackson is still the coolest guy on the block. Changes are coming for all of them and some changes reeled me on my axes. New characters also come in to play. Like Lark, quirky but with a certain humor, I enjoyed her role in Endless Knight. Death however rocked me to my core. He is the enemy, the one to defeat. Evil to the core and scheming every minute of the day. Or so I thought in Poison Princess.

Kresley Cole equals formidable characters, they brim the story with their electric personalities, as did Death. Kresley Cole hit my weakness for bad-boys with heart. Death is still dangerous to the core but I was shown a side to him that surprised me. An even greater surprise was that in the end I liked him, a lot!! Perhaps some readers might think; Oh no, what the hell?! But I was all; Oh yes!! Give me more!!

The story contains pulls pounding action scenes but also takes time to unfold background stories of various characters. Main and supporting characters weren’t just there on paper, they came alive in my mind, keeping my attention at an all-time high. It was no surprise that I read this book cover to cover in one day. This is something only a story can do if I’m fully emotional invested. Something Kresley Cole can do like no other!

Kresley Cole set the bar real high with POISON PRINCESS but she shattered it for me with ENDLESS KNIGHT. It is all there; edge of your seat suspense, characters to connect and root for, game changing plot twists and a breathtaking love. I will never look at my Tarot cards the same! The Arcana Chronicles is a Young Adult series to savor, page by page.

5 stars

With a shrug, I reached for my jeans. “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the cabin.” He swallowed audibly. “Brûlant.” Sizzling hot. “And believe me, cher, I plan to take that heat.”

You likin’ ole Jack now?” “I never stopped liking you. Even when you were warding me away with the power of Catholicism.” “Can’t help the way I was raised—anything supernatural is supposed to be either a miracle or satanic.” I rolled my eyes. “And you’re still trying to figure out which I am?” “Non. I’m trying to figure out if I’m still Catholic.” He grinned that heart-stopping grin.

There was French kissing, and then there was Cajun French kissing. Spicier, harder, wilder. That’s how it was with Jackson. Burning out of control. Probably just as destructive as an inferno. And I didn’t care.

If Jack had awakened my desire, Death was enlivening my mind, attracting me in a way I’d never experienced before.

Kresley Cole on the www:
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29 September 2013

Blogfest 2013 giveaway

I’m happy to participate again in the Blogfest bonanza of giveaways. Last year it was all about the books but my hobbies have expanded since then! Not only has baking taken a prominent step up but I also found my way back again to crafting with beads.

Since I have received a kitchenaid for my birthday I’ve baked a few pies and love the fact I can multitask now!! Leontine is one happy baker! A few months ago I also found out how to make wrap bracelets and since then a new passion has been born. Ebay and I have reignited our love affair again since beads on Ebay can be found cheap. Since I now have three major hobbies I need to divide the budget o.O 

28 September 2013

Love Letter Convention ticket pre-sale & authors

The time has come to acquire yourself a ticket to the fun and fantastic Love letter Convention.

From the LLC website;
Dear attendees, we are thrilled about your enthusiasm and excitement for the LoveLetter Convention. Therefore we are very happy to move the convention to a bigger venue next year. A bigger venue means more for you: more options, more variety and even more of your favorite authors. Regrettably, this also means that we have to slightly adjust ticket prices.  
A weekend ticket will be available at 49 EUR, the student ticket at 45 EUR and a one-day-ticket (Saturday or Sunday) at 35 EUR.  
For our loyal fans tickets will be available at the old price up to October 31, 2013.*  
*Tickets available up to October 31, 2013, 6 pm. If ticket is paid by bank transfer the money must be received before November 10, 2013, or the ticket will lapse. The PayPal payment-option will start soon.

The authors who have confirmed so far;

o Lara Adrian
o Maya Banks
o Sylvia Day
o Tina Folsom
o Kristina G√ľnak/Kristina Steffan
o Larissa Ione
o Michelle Raven
o Stefanie Ross
o Sandra Schwab
o Nalini Singh

I’m so psyched to see several of my fave authors and Sylvia Day is coming!!! Oh yeah, the Crossfire trilogy is so going to be packed!! But also Nalini Singh, Maya Banks, Larissa Ione and Lara Adrian are coming *squee*

I know I’m being a bit selfish, as I know authors are paying the trip/hotel themselves but wishing on a star might work because, as always, I’m clamoring for a few authors to meet;

16 September 2013

Review; Delilah Marvelle - Romacing Lady Stone

Format; ebook, 162 pages
Published August 16th 2013 by Delilah Marvelle Productions, LLC
ISBN; 1939912016 (ISBN13: 9781939912015)
Language; English
Series; School of Gallantry #3.5
Source; won this novella in a contest

Summary Goodreads:
He believes in destiny. She just wants to survive it... 

At forty, Lady Cecilia Evangeline Stone thinks she has everything a woman could ever want. A title, a fortune, and four children who make her proud. After a marriage of convenience that was anything but convenient, she has no desire to complicate her life by including a man in it again. When her eldest son announces his engagement to a Russian actress in Saint Petersburg, Cecilia sets out to do what any good mother would do: stop the wedding. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans. 

Konstantin Alexie Levin never considered himself to be a villain. In fact, he considers himself to be a Russian gentleman. Having grown up in a refined and well-educated family that embraced criminal life to avoid debtor’s prison, the only thing preventing him from knowing happiness is the rest of the world. Everything changes, however, when Konstantin is given a chance to start life anew and travel to London to collect an unexpected reward for saving a man’s life. To his surprise, he is about to become a hero at midnight to a beautiful aristocrat who desperately needs his help. The problem is…he wants to do more than save Lady Stone. He wants to make the woman his, all his. 

WARNING: This book is Rated Double S (Sweaty & Sinful) and contains strong language and sexual content which may cause respectable people to swoon.


It has been a while since I picked up a historical romance by Delilah Marvelle but ever since I attended her workshop at the LLC in Berlin about courtesans she reignited my desire to read a story from her. Romancing Lady Stone is a novella within the School of Gallantry series but easily read as a standalone.

What instantly pulled me in to this novel was the intriguing character of Konstantin Alexie Levin. A criminal who’s on the path of becoming a respectable citizen. The blend of good character traits such as chivalry and the hint of danger which surround him turns Konstantin in to a man I love to read about. Also, the background story of his father plays an important role in his life and I was romanced by the idea of destiny.

Lady Cecilia Stone is driven by the need to see her son in Russia and gotten herself in to trouble. Lady Stone is from the get-go a very personable woman but what I enjoyed so much in the progress of the story is how she chose for herself. Her children are the number one priority but she deserves happiness as well. It gives her character backbone, her choices empower her and it made me root for her.

Through circumstances Konstantin and Cecilia are thrown together and the chemistry was slowly burning to a fever pitch. Even though I wondered how they would get their happily ever after it was undeniable Konstantin and Cecilia were good for each other. Delilah Marvelle has a penchant for sexual tension and writing hot, between the sheets, scenes. Konstantin warming Cecilia’s hands was utterly romantic, Konstantin dripping wet from a bath, utterly sexy but Konstantin and Cecilia between the sheets was an erotic dance which made the skin tingle!

Quote; The savage need to climax was mutual. It pulsed from their skin.

Every element in this novella; characters, scenery, dialogues is imbued with enough depth or detail to allow the reader to immerge in the period and romance. The quick pace of storytelling leaves little room for overly dramatic obstacles for the couple to overcome but in the essence it’s all there and I enjoyed it to the fullest. There’s also an intriguing interaction and history between Duc de Andelot and Madame de Maitenon that whets the appetite for more about them. Apparently they are going to have their own story for which I’m eagerly waiting!

Delilah Marvelle’s atmospheric writing style transports you to a blistering cold Moscow where you get to warm up with a scolding hot romance. Romancing Lady Stone was a wonderful reminder why I enjoy Delilah Marvelle’s stories so much!

4 stars

Quote; Lesson five - Do you remember what it is like to feel your heart beat again?

I noticed on 9-16-2013 that ROMACING LADY STONE is for FREE!!!!

Delilah Marvelle on the www:
website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Buy @ Kobo

15 September 2013

A new adventure on the horizon; LoveLetter Convention 2014

My trip to Berlin and attending the LoveLetter Convention has been a blast again. Not only did me and my friends have hoops of fun but I got to meet old and new reader friends. This is one of the things I love so much about the LoveLetter Convention. Even though I get to meet certain people, like Caro and Susi only once a year, it’s like we never parted. We talk up a storm, laugh even more and have a great time. Then I meet new readers or get e-mails that they have pics from me during previous conventions and recognized me. It’s this fantastic vibe that creates connections I might never have otherwise and I’m always enjoying it to the fullest. I do crazy stuff, have a ball, meet incredible authors and the parting is always a bit sad.

Next year the LoveLetter Convention is changing venue and I’m thrilled to know the Con is such a hit. It has become an annual vacay for me, my sister; Natascha and my friends Maggie and Lucy. This year I got to meet Vivian Arend, Cherry Adair, Maya Banks and many more authors. I got to chat with Frauke from Croco Designs and we shared the love for the LLC. Tina Dick, whom is such a wonderful person from the organization, greeted us like old friends. My enthusiasm for the LLC has been there from the first and when I noticed a blogger sign up for the LLC in 2014, I just had the urge to toss my name in the hat. It still baffles me I got picked as an official blogger for the LLC.

There are four more bloggers joining me:
Aefkaeys World of Books (German)
Kielfeder (German)
Romantic Bookfan (German)
Tealicious Books (German)

Since the native language is German the rest of the bloggers are from Germany and it always impresses me how they are willing to speak English. I can understand and read German to a certain extend but speak it, not so much. I kinda ditched German class in sophomore year o.O It’s going to be quite the ride, the LLC2014, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!

Here is a pic impression of my 2013 trip;

01 September 2013

Feeding the addiction and other news

These days I have parked my booty over at Facebook to get my daily fix of book news, to chat and send out all sorts of updates. I’ve gone the Paleo way in my diet, I’ve taken up a new hobby; making wrap bracelets and I’m still baking away.

Here is a photo impression:

A pecan-coconut cake I got to test bake.
wrap bracelet with Tourmaline.

Banoffee pie *nom nom*
wrap bracelet.