15 September 2013

A new adventure on the horizon; LoveLetter Convention 2014

My trip to Berlin and attending the LoveLetter Convention has been a blast again. Not only did me and my friends have hoops of fun but I got to meet old and new reader friends. This is one of the things I love so much about the LoveLetter Convention. Even though I get to meet certain people, like Caro and Susi only once a year, it’s like we never parted. We talk up a storm, laugh even more and have a great time. Then I meet new readers or get e-mails that they have pics from me during previous conventions and recognized me. It’s this fantastic vibe that creates connections I might never have otherwise and I’m always enjoying it to the fullest. I do crazy stuff, have a ball, meet incredible authors and the parting is always a bit sad.

Next year the LoveLetter Convention is changing venue and I’m thrilled to know the Con is such a hit. It has become an annual vacay for me, my sister; Natascha and my friends Maggie and Lucy. This year I got to meet Vivian Arend, Cherry Adair, Maya Banks and many more authors. I got to chat with Frauke from Croco Designs and we shared the love for the LLC. Tina Dick, whom is such a wonderful person from the organization, greeted us like old friends. My enthusiasm for the LLC has been there from the first and when I noticed a blogger sign up for the LLC in 2014, I just had the urge to toss my name in the hat. It still baffles me I got picked as an official blogger for the LLC.

There are four more bloggers joining me:
Aefkaeys World of Books (German)
Kielfeder (German)
Romantic Bookfan (German)
Tealicious Books (German)

Since the native language is German the rest of the bloggers are from Germany and it always impresses me how they are willing to speak English. I can understand and read German to a certain extend but speak it, not so much. I kinda ditched German class in sophomore year o.O It’s going to be quite the ride, the LLC2014, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!

Here is a pic impression of my 2013 trip;

A blind date with Maya Banks means fun, fun, fun!

Sister love ;)

Good food, good company, the best of times!

It was a hoot to meet Erin McCarthy.

I have a major crush on Delilah Marvelle!!

We haz all smiles and giggles for Lucy who's behind the cam.

Surprise b-day partay for Natascha with various authors.

Courtney Milan give the Dutch piggy some love #crazy fun

Siamese twin, I'm telling ya! Caro & Susi :)

Don't evah get me front and center to play games. I suck!!

Vivian Arend, love her, period!

Group pic with Delilah. Sometimes you can't have enough pics with someone!

Vivian gave me her hat, got the sunglasses from Bacardi and Maggie taking the shot.

LLC friends after second LLC con day.

Bacardi ladies at dinner time.

LLC on the www:
website | Facebook |


  1. Too awesome :D Le sigh, I wish I could go

    1. It would be so awesome to meet you!! I hope you one day find your way to the LLC :)

  2. Great and funny pictures of the LLC and your friends :-) So I hope we have also much fun when we`re going to meet at the LLC 2014.

    Regards Desiree
    (Romantic Book Fan)

  3. That is so cool! I look forward to hearing your reports for 2014. I love seeing all of the wrap-ups from LLC since it is a con I'll probably not attend. I thinking of AAD (Authors After Dark) much like you do of LLC. It's my annual summer girls vacation!


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