01 October 2013

Guestpost; Katie Porter talks Sexuality in Vegas Top Guns

Sexuality in Vegas Top Guns
By Katie Porter

Bare Knuckle is the last of our debut Katie Porter series, “Vegas Top Guns”. Since the initial release of the first title, Double Down, we’ve been asked many questions about the sexual fetishes we’ve presenting across the five books. From roleplaying to femdom, we’ve touched on a bit of everything, while focusing on dovetailing the romance that makes for a satisfying happily ever after.

Bare Knuckle is no different. Fighter pilot Eric “Kisser” Donaghue is the survivor of a plane crash, which was revealed at the end of book four, Hard Way. He’s scarred and surly, with a life goal that belies the personality we presented him with in previous installments. He has a brother in rehab, a side career in off-Strip boxing, and a surprisingly artistic side as a photographer. The only subject of his photographs is women.

He’s a voyeur.

The trick with creating a voyeur hero—and frankly, the trick with imbuing any of our characters with fetishes some readers may not relate to—was to make him accessible. When people think voyeur, they make thinking creepy peeping toms who watch women through parted curtains. For Eric, he keeps his fetish in his bedroom/studio alone.

As with all the fetishes we’ve written about for our daring fighter pilots, we were intent on pairing personality with sexuality. Sure Eric has been scarred, but his voyeurism is not new. Handsome and gruff, from a bad background, he grew up wanting two things: beauty and truth. Sure, a lot of women are beautiful, but how many of them are willing to bare everything, not just their bodies? How many are willing to open up so vulnerably that his photographs reveal the real essence of their true selves?

In asking those questions, he has to confront one unexpected event. He meets Trish Monroe, a Vegas showgirl—and an exhibitionist whose need to be admired makes the perfect subject for his photographs…and for his appetites. They combust. But as with all our “Vegas Top Guns” protagonists, the conflict comes from admitting that yes, the fetish is not only all right, but exactly right for them both.

Kisser is a stubborn guy. Trish is even more stubborn. And she won’t let this series we’ve adored end with anything less than a fairy tale ending. We hope you’ll enjoy our peek into yet another sexual subculture that may be a little out of the way, but defines our ideal romance: two people who are utterly suited to each other...forever.

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What the critics are saying:
“The duo behind Katie Porter goes out with a bang in the last of their phenomenal ‘Vegas Top Guns’ series.” ~ RT Book Reviews 4½ Stars  
“It’s deliciously explicit details is guaranteed to ignite the fire within readers.” ~ Fresh Fiction  
“These characters have depth, the sex scenes are hot, and the reader will root for this pair.” – Library Journal
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