31 October 2013

Love Letter Convention; Blogger introduction tour

The official bloggers for the Love Letter Convention are on tour to introduce themselves. I have Desiree from Romantic Book Fan here today so she can tell a bit more about herself! She is from Germany but has graciously agreed to give her answers in English.

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Wednesday, 30. October 2013Kielfeder
Thursday, 31. October 2013Leontine’s Book Realm
Friday, 01. November 2013Romantic Book Fan
Saturday, 02. November 2013 - tealicious books

1)      Why did you start blogging. What do you enjoy the most?

I started my blog Romantic Book fan in July 2012. I always read very much, normally 20 till 30 books a month. And I liked reading other book blogs so I started thinking about my own blog, where I can publish my reviews. I want to recommend books that I like very much and give my readers ideas what they could read. I enjoy it very much when I get a feedback to a review or an article at my blog.

2)      What is your favorite genre right now and has it changed over the years?

I think my favorite genre is the romantic fantasy genre but unfortunately the German publishers actually don`t translate as much books of this genre as they did a few years ago. I also liked the genre romantic thrillers and erotic romances, like Syliva Day with her Crossfire-series. Sometimes I read historical romances, I like Julia Quinn and Teresa Medeiros very much.

3)      Tell us about your most cherished authors and their books?

I love the Psy Changeling series of Nalini Singh and the Midnight Breed series of Lara Adrian. But it depends of the genre. In each genre I have a favorite author.

4)      When did you attend the LLC for the first time? What was your best experience?

I visited the Love Letter Convention in 2012 when it first took place in Berlin. It was wonderful to meet all the readers that love books as much as I love them. And it was fantastic to get to know all the authors like Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione and the German authors like Michelle Raven, Stefanie Ross and Kristina Günak. The best experience was a photo with Nalini Singh and me. I also spoke a little bit with Nalinis mother, she was very nice.

5)      Which author would you love to meet at the LLC and what would you do or say?

I would enjoy meeting Nalini Singh and Lara Adrian again. But I also want to meet Sylvia Day because I like her Crossfire series very much. I would ask her everything about the series and I would want to know how the series will continue.

6)      why did you apply to become a LLC official blogger?
I liked the LLC 2012 very much and I loved the idea of the event.

It gives readers the golden opportunity to meet their favorite authors in a familiar environment. I think there´s nothing better than to publish news of this wonderful event and to let other people know of it.

7)      what does it mean to you becoming an LLC blogger and do you have any plans?

I'm very honored to be one of only 5 LLC bloggers and I´m very happy that I was chosen to report news about the event.

8) Which event do you like to attend at the LLC 2014?

When I'm lucky I will have a meet & great with someone like Syliva Day or Lara Adrian. I also like Tina Folsom and her Scanguards series very much and would be happy to learn something about her future plans.

Desiree on the www:
website | Facebook | Lovely Books | Twitter


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