03 June 2013

Leontine Goes Berlin & LLC Adventure part 3


Laughing until our bellies hurt.

I didn’t know it in the morning but this was going to be one of those days I will remember for a very long time. One of those days that has a glowing edge to them. It began with sun *YAY* and breakfast

It was a perfect day to go to the Berlin Zoo so we took off early and were there at 10 AM, I think. My memory is a little out of whack. We got in very quickly and we were hit with an uber dose of cuteness right away. A baby elephant…can I have an *aawwwhhhh* please ;)

After we walked for what, three minutes? Another cutie moment hit me. A baby giraffe, nibbling at the leaves, it was aawwwhhh all over again. The sun was out, the animals were beautiful and I was snapping pictures left and right. My crazy side already emerged doing spontaneous jazz hands but after a bit of walking we noticed a statue of a gorilla. We had to take pictures there. It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

This one was kind off decent.

But then we walked a bit further and we saw another gorilla statue. That moment was when my inner crazy got out. I tell ya. These pics tell it all. I’ll just shut up!

Then we all had to “ride” the gorilla. Dry-humping included! From that moment on we were lost, I mean, every statue had to be given some love. That men in white coats weren’t called in is beyond me!! We laughed so hard, did all sorts of crazy but it was all in the spirit of the day. And I was among friends who understood me, so all was good ;)

We walked among other monkeys who, of course, had wild monkey sex. I was kind of sad when I saw the lion and lioness. She wanted to get out and the lion made these huffing sounds. I love watching these animals, their raw power, from up close but they need the big wild to run, to hunt, to mate and do all the stuff their nature tells them to do.

I also saw a big, black-ish panther who made me instantly remember Rain Tairen Soul. The tigers were beautiful but a part of me thought; Aren’t they going crazy by the light flashes of camera’s going off? I would!

As we walked around we saw beautiful or funny animals everywhere. The hilarious fun we had that day was *epic* Some pictures or vids will be shared just among the four of us and it is one of those days that wouldn’t have been the same if one of us wouldn’t have been there. With bellies hurting of laughing and the time spent at the zoo we didn’t have the time to go to Charlotteburg. Next year, it’s what we promised each other!

When we got back we headed to Arcade again, did some clothes shopping and met VivianArend in the lobby of the Hotel *squuueeeeeee* After some quick catching up we headed out to the Thai again for some delicious food. That night we talked up a storm again with Vivian Arend and her roomie Imogen Howson, editor at Samhain. We had a hoot and a half and again, sometimes pictures say it all;

Vivian and me doing the crazy pose.
Vivian and me snapped from another angle.

We were in the lobby until after midnight and I was so glad Friday was our off day. Just lounging in the lobby, resting up a bit before LLC would commence full force!

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