14 March 2014

Blogtour; LLC fun & giveaway

In a little over two months it’s party time again at the LLC 2014. How quickly a year flies by *gasp* The organizers of the LLC have a great set of books for you to win by some amazing authors. Al you have to do here is; Send us your best pictures of you with an author from the LLC or another event. link to picture in your comment.

See at the other blogs what you have to do there to have more chances at winning these books;

Jude Deveraux - True Love (signed, English, HC)
Cherry Adair - Pakt der Leidenschaft (signed, German)
Cherry Adair - Hei├čkalte Begierde (signed, German)
Nalini Singh - Engelsblut (signed, German)
Jeanine Krock - Fl├╝gelschlag ( German)
2 Buttons fromNalini Singh (I Heart Judd & Judd is my Boyfriend)

 - Day 1, 03.10 – Desiree from Romantic Bookfan

- Day 2, 03.11 - Ramona from Kielfeder

 - Day 3, 03.12. - Franziska from AefKaey

- Day 4, 03.13. - Julia from Tealicious Books

- Tag 5, 03.14. - Leontine from Leontine`s book Realm
Some of my fave pics are;


05 February 2014

Love Letter Convention interview; Samantha Young

It's official; Samantha Young is coming to the Love letter Convention 2014! Who is excited? She's from Scotland so I vote for her to read something from On Dublin Street!! *grin*

Samantha Young is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestselling novel ON DUBLIN STREET. ON DUBLIN STREET is Samantha's first adult contemporary romance and has been sold in twenty five countries. For more info on Samantha's adult fiction visit http://www.ondublinstreet.com

It's probably a challenge but could you describe yourself in six words?

It’s always difficult to answer these kinds of questions, so I cheated and asked a friend to describe me! She was kind :p

Open-minded, geeky, creative, determined, intuitive, true.

To us newbie Samantha Young readers, could you introduce us to some of your characters?

Jocelyn Butler and Braden Carmichael are my readers’ favourite couple from the Dublin Street series. Jocelyn is an American with dual citizenship living in Scotland. She suffered the loss of her entire family when she was fourteen so Joss has a lot of issues—especially when it comes to letting people in. However once she starts living with her new roommate, Ellie Carmichael, she meets Braden and a whole host of characters that turn her world upside down. From there the Dublin Street characters have grown. In the next book in the series London Road, readers get to know Joss’s good friend and colleague Johanna. Jo comes from a difficult family situation and has been left to raise her teenage brother singlehandedly. After years of emotional abuse, Jo has little self-worth, and uses her good looks to capture the attention of men who can provide her and her brother with some financial security. That is until she meets bartender/graphic designer Cameron McCabe, a man who values her for who she is and determinedly takes his time to make her see that her beauty is more than skin deep.

In the upcoming release Jamaica Lane, readers will get to know Cameron’s best friend Nate and Jo’s friend Olivia. Olivia is an American who moves to Scotland to start over with her father, and Nate is the ultimate player with a tragic past. When Liv and Nate grow as close as best friends, Liv turns to Nate for advice on how to get back into the dating pool and his advice becomes lessons and those lessons become much, much more…

What reward do you absolutely love about writing and what is your absolute challenge in it?

The biggest reward I get from writing is reader reaction. It’s very humbling to have readers write to me and tell me how much they related to a story or to a character, and how emotionally involved they got. When I’m writing I fully immerse myself in the world and characters, and so it’s incredible when readers tell me they felt everything I felt when writing it.

The biggest challenge for me is character development. It’s my favourite part of writing but it’s the greatest challenge to create characters that feel so real you miss them when you finish the book.

If you would be snowed in, what would you do to pass time until you're rescued?

Read. I take my kindle and a paperback everywhere with me. I used to read constantly but I don’t have the same time to read since I started writing full time. That means I try to sneak it in whenever I can.

Could you give us a quote which inspired you, made you laugh or fan yourself while writing it?
One of the lines I had fun writing was a quote from Braden in Dublin Street.

“Lingerie is for seducing a man. I’m already fucking seduced.”


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