14 March 2014

Blogtour; LLC fun & giveaway

In a little over two months it’s party time again at the LLC 2014. How quickly a year flies by *gasp* The organizers of the LLC have a great set of books for you to win by some amazing authors. Al you have to do here is; Send us your best pictures of you with an author from the LLC or another event. link to picture in your comment.

See at the other blogs what you have to do there to have more chances at winning these books;

Jude Deveraux - True Love (signed, English, HC)
Cherry Adair - Pakt der Leidenschaft (signed, German)
Cherry Adair - Heißkalte Begierde (signed, German)
Nalini Singh - Engelsblut (signed, German)
Jeanine Krock - Flügelschlag ( German)
2 Buttons fromNalini Singh (I Heart Judd & Judd is my Boyfriend)

 - Day 1, 03.10 – Desiree from Romantic Bookfan

- Day 2, 03.11 - Ramona from Kielfeder

 - Day 3, 03.12. - Franziska from AefKaey

- Day 4, 03.13. - Julia from Tealicious Books

- Tag 5, 03.14. - Leontine from Leontine`s book Realm
Some of my fave pics are;



  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151046573243200&l=f09997f0af


    Me and two of my favourite authors :-)

  2. Hallo!
    Hier meine Fotos

  3. Hallo und guten Tag,

    sorry ich bin keine Bloggerin , nur eine normaler Leserin. Und leider ist mir die LLC auch einfach zu weit.

    Aber die gemachten Fotos gefallen mir gut.


  4. High, girl.
    I gotta lotta tantalizing, mellifluous illustrations on 22 blogs…
    and I’m more than happy to share,
    to give to you what God has granted me - a steward
    in this finite existence, this lifelong demise:

    faith, hope, and love,
    the greatest of these is love -
    jump into faith...
    and you'll see with love.
    Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe
    (what I write);
    God believes in you.
    God. Bless. You.
    Meet me Upstairs where the Son never goes down…

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