Review Policy

Review Policy

As the header of my blog already states; I read in the Erotic Romance genre with a preference for BDSM and Ménages. GLBT with a preference for male/male stories. I also have a passion for Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and I will read a Contemporary romance if the blurb speaks to me. My preference is a story from a 150 pages and up since novella's and I are more a miss than a hit. I accept self-published books on ocassion.

If you want to contact me this is my e-mail adress; leontinesbookrealm (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Please include genre - blurb and if it is part of a series. This will allow me to make the best informed decision! If I decide to review your book I will get back with an appropriate time frame for me. This may be 4-6 or even 8 weeks, depending how busy I am. If I receive ARC books well before publishing date I try to post within the week leading up to the release date, if for any reason I'm prevented to do so I will get in contact with you and let you know. I will post my review at / Goodreads and my blog. I announce the reviews via twitter and facebook.

Since I'm hooked up with various digital reading devices I accept e-books in ePub/HTML/Mobi/PDF with a preference for ePub or PDF. Of course you can send me a print book but as I live in the Netherlands shipping is usually around 12-15 dollars.

English is a second language for me since I live in the Netherlands and Dutch is my native tongue. When I write reviews I do so in Word and the spell check prevents major errors. Still, there is the off chance there are mistakes in my review. If you find them, please feel free to contact me so I can correct them!

There is a chance your book might not be reviewed in a timely fashion due to various reasons. I will always contact you if this is the case!

If you have other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at leontinesbookrealm (at) gmail (dot) com

Rating Reviews

Most of the books I review on my blog are purchased to feed my book addiction. If I receive or win an ARC it will be noted in my review. Because I generally review personally bought books my rating 9/10 times will be in the range of 3 stars and up. My reviews can be extensive and contain grammar slip ups due to the fact my native tongue isn't English.
My rating system use on Leontine's Book Realm:

1: Flawed beyond repair, there is little to nothing that could spark my interest for this novel.
2: A mediocre read, nothing truly stands out in this novel or has various problems for me.
3: An all-around enjoyable read which kept me pleasantly occupied for a few hours.
4: Sinfully good, give me more of this author now!
5: Exceptional and outstanding, the very reason I crave to read!

I look at various things when I review a novel;

* romance development
*plot build-up
* my level of enjoyment and emotional involvement with the story