Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are chemicals containing carbon that have high vapor pressure and are not soluble in water. They sublimate or evaporate into the air and then settle on surfaces, or ‘off-gas’ into the surrounding air. Therefore, you may be familiar with a smell of paint in new homes, or the “new car smell” when getting a car from the dealer. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs come from man-made chemicals that are used to manufacture paints, medications and refrigerants. Most common VOCs are industrial solvents; common examples are formaldehyde and benzene in paints, methylene chloride in paint strippers.

Studies have shown that these volatile organic compounds can concentrate higher indoors due to low air circulation. Exposure to these toxic compounds can cause health problems when inhaled long term. The body converts inhaled methylene chloride to carbon monoxide, where overexposure will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Inhaling toxic chemicals can give you a headache or an irritation, sometimes you may complain of nausea, irritated nose and throat. Long-term effects of inhaling these chemicals is still unknown, but reports vary from feeling tired, headaches and most will complain of breathing issues.

While there are companies that offer low VOC flooring, but many still use adhesives that contain formaldehyde, a known compound. When you choose to buy building materials, it is important to remember that even the cleaning products should contain no harsh chemicals. Of course, you may decide to wear a mask to protect yourself from the fumes, but it is safer for you and your family when you opt for green building supplies that are tried and tested.

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