Several people who want to change the shape of their nose are cautious about surgical options which could give them the results that they desire. However, there are other options that don’t involve surgery. This article will explain how liquid rhinoplasty works.

Rhinoplasty helps you to feel more confident about your appearance, by changing the shape of your nose. By changing the size of your nose, this type of procedure can reframe your features. However, surgical rhinoplasty can be very costly and this puts it out of the reach of many adults.

Surgical rhinoplasty involves a lengthy recovery time. Like other forms of surgery, it also carries the risk of complications. This means that it is not a suitable option for some people who would want to change the shape of their nose.

How does non surgical rhinoplasty work?

Non surgical rhinoplasty is a viable option to surgical rhinoplasty. It also changes the size and shape of your nose but no surgery is necessary. Your nose’s overall shape is adjusted by using soft tissue fillers.

These are injectable and are the same fillers that are used in other types of cosmetic surgery. For example, these fillers are used when cosmetic surgeons are smoothing sagging skin or lifting tissue.

Where is non surgical rhinoplasty done?

Beverly Hills rhinoplasty is done in a surgeon’s office. Dermal fillers can be used to plump up the area around a bump in a patient’s nose, helping to smooth the bump away. These fillings can also be used to smooth other bumps in the nose and adjust your nose tip.

Does non surgical rhinoplasty involve a hospital stay?

A hospital stay is not usually required for non surgical rhinoplasty. Everything can be done in a surgeon’s office, so there’s virtually no time spent in a hospital setting. In most cases, the procedure takes less than an hour.

This means that you could do the procedure without anyone at your office knowing. You won’t need to take much time off from work. You’ll see the results immediately, so you can do it in advance of a major event, giving yourself enough time to recover from any slight bruising.

While there is some swelling and bruising associated with the procedure, this is minimal. This option provides you with results that last 12 months. It is more affordable than using surgery to get a similar effect and the results are reversible.