Whether we like it or not, taxation unites us all. Our mandatory tax contributions form the bulk of monies deployed by the government to better our economy. If you earn or pay any sort of income in the state of California, are a resident or non-resident, self-employed, a sole business proprietor, an employee or employer, or the recipient of unemployment wage benefits, you will have taxation obligations that need to be met. Overall, the laws and regulations governing who pays what tax are complicated and diffuse, and any problems that arise are best resolved by engaging the services of a legal taxation specialist.

Managing your taxes and resolving any disputes with the IRS or state taxing agencies can be a stressful and complicated process. Taxation laws are complex and constantly. While many law firms deal in a wide range of taxation issues, others are dedicated to key focus areas within the taxation system. Deciding on the type of legal representation you need will likely depend on the specific tax issues you may be facing, and the governing agency from where they originated.

There are three agencies responsible for tax assessment and collection in the state of California, these are the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), which handles income taxes, the State Board of Equalization (BOE), which oversees sales taxes, and the Employment Development Department EDD), which deals with payroll taxes. These agencies are regarded as some of the most aggressive in the country, with the EDD in particular known for its ruthless pursuit of employers through an EDD audit. An EDD audit is often triggered when a former payee of your company or business files an unemployment claim. The best response at this point is to align yourself with a San Diego edd lawyer who can serve as your ally throughout the process. During an EDD audit, the IRS may attempt to reclassify independent contractors you’ve used as employees, and serve you with further payroll taxes, interest, and penalties. An experienced EDD attorney will work to provide the best defense against any employee miss-classification claims and the ensuing penalties imposed by the IRS.

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