As the internet has grown more accessible, it has also created a sense of “disconnect” between many businesses and their customers. Today, unless you are able to establish a direct connection with your customer, many of the old ways of advertising and marketing simply won’t work.

This is where SMS marketing has come in. By using SMS marketing, you are able to essentially cut through the weeds and market yourself constantly and solely to people that are already interested in what you have to offer, presenting announcements, promotions, and various confirmations. Below, we’ve curated the top 4 SMS marketing platforms that your business should be using in 2022.

#1. Texting Base

Our number one pick is Texting Base. This SMS marketing platform has an entirely free option to start and uses industry-leading and cutting-edge features that are unavailable among any other SMS marketing platform. This ranges from their drip campaigns (which helps convince customers to actually purchase a product rather than just look it over) to their international texting, personalized messages, and mass group calls. Simply put, Texting Base is the best of the best with a lot of things going for it.

Texting Base has a free 14-day trial, after which they have a starter ($25/month), standard ($50/month), and executive ($100/month) option.

#2. Drip

A great runner-up to Texting Base, Drip is an automated marketing platform that is ideal for ecommerce businesses. They use email as well as SMS and third-party app integrations while customizing them for each respective person. Its respective visual builder helps to personalize each message (from mentioning something specific to even putting in emojis) as well as storing and hosting specific messages that have a particular call-to-action.

#3. ClickSend

Great for E-commerce, ClickSend is an entirely cloud-based software that markets to customers and send transactional messages worldwide. They are impressively versatile and are able to be integrated into thousands of different apps and email software. They use multiple different channels (such as voice gateway, SMS gateway, and rich messaging) to send messages from businesses to customers at virtually any time.

#4. Airship

Last on the list is Airship. This SMS marketing platform works to help businesses maximize their ability to acquire and retain customers. Its marketing platform uses three main features from automation, orchestration, and personalization, all to create personalized messages to customers on an automated schedule that you can regularly peruse at any time.